Thane-class AT-AT Barge

Custom (1/500)

♦ Original design inspired by other AT-AT barge pictures

♦ Rotating turrets

♦ Modulated scheme

♦ Blown-off access panel

The Build

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I based this AT-AT Barge on a 1/35 sd.kfz 251 chassis, which I flipped upside-down and reversed. I added a lot of styrene to the hull to bulk it up. Originally, it was going to have an opening loading ramp, but I scrapped the idea. Even though it's glued on, there's still a lot of interior detail covered up by the ramp.

The name "Thane" is a nod to the rulers in the PC game Skyrim.


Among the larger Imperial dropships was the Thane-class AT-AT Barge, an 88 meter armored courier for walkers and Stormtroopers. Fulfilling the Empire's need for an interplanetary AT-AT barge, Rothana Heavy Engineering designed the Thane-class as an independent transport for Imperial ground forces. Unlike the Y-85 Titan, the Thane-class featured a hyperdrive that allowed travel from one star system to another. Albeit slower than Imperial Star Destroyers, the hyperdrive allowed the Thane-class to relocate forces without the need to land within larger command ships for hyperspace ferry.

While large enough to accommodate support vehicles and gun emplacements, the Thane-class AT-AT Barge's primary function was to carry 4 AT-AT walkers. The crew and ground troops remained in the upper hull of the barge during space transit, as it was the only section of the barge that remained pressurized. This decreased power requirements since most of the craft was an open vehicle staging area, but also meant that drivers and ground forces had little time to board their walkers once the Thane-class entered atmosphere.

Nevertheless, unloading the Thane-class was relatively fast. The barge featured unique landing rails in addition to landing gear that increased the surface area the barge could sit on, thus allowing it to remain steady on unstable terrain. Large repulsorlifts and thrusters gave the Thane-class excellent maneuverability. In addition to armor, the barge had a shield generator nestled between the lower thrusters. Finally, two twin heavy blaster turrets acted as point-defense in flight and when the ship was unloading.

Imperial crews did find that the Thane-class AT-AT Barge exhibited a few minor problems. While the shield generator was well-hidden, it was unprotected by the blaster turrets. Fighter escorts were almost mandatory, which limited the barge's use since TIE's lacked hyperdrive units. Repairing the Thane-class was also difficult due to its size, and its exposed components were easily damaged.

Despite its shortcomings, the Imperials preferred the Thane-class AT-AT Barge over other walker transports. In addition to acting as a vehicle and cargo ferry, these barges also saw use as mobile bases since they possessed an astonishing communications array. Imperials could coordinate forces and relay commands without the need for larger destroyers orbiting the planet. And, the blaster turrets made short-work of any approaching rebels. The barge's heavy armor and imposing silhouette only added to its impressive appearance, both in space and on the battlefield.


  1. WOW! thank you so much for this!! A few friends and I play X-wing miniatures on a weekly basis. We started a campaign to add to the Hoth missions that come with the GR-75 transport ships. We wanted to play a mission that simulated the landing party that took out the shield generator in Empire Strikes Back. If the rebels could stop the Empire from landing there would be some serious bonuses to the Rebels for the evacuation missions.
    I have been looking for details on how to build the AT-AT barge for a weeks. I was so happy to come across your site. I have found many that have done the build but none that covered HOW they built it in any detail. Your site was, IS a very welcome and appreciated site! Thank you so much for sharing and doing such an outstanding job!! I’m going to go get my 1/35 sd.kfz 251 chassis and other materials that you mentioned!
    Ryan Pierce
    Fairbanks, Alaska
    P.S. If you have any more details on this build I would love to hear about it

  2. This is an awesome build. I love big bulky star wars vehicles and would love to own this if you’d consider selling it. Please let me know! Thank.

    • Thanks for the kind words. I do like the bulky shapes of it, like a lot of the Imperial stuff. Unfortunately, I don’t really want to sell this one. Thank you though!

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