Republic Carrier Gunship

Gambody 3D-print (1/72)

The Build

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As a scaled up 3D print, it was very difficult to sand and build. Painting was easier, but still tedious to get all of the angles correct.


The LAAT/c or Republic Carrier Gunship was the primary dropship of the Republic Grand Army. Carrier Gunships were tasked with moving everything from walkers to military outposts around the battlefield, often to the front lines. Sealed cockpits even allowed LAAT/c's to bring down cargo from orbit. Yet, because of the size and speed, enemy forces would often make these priority targets before they could off-load.

Each Republic Carrier Gunship utilized 2 massive electromagnets that could connect to most large vehicles, particularly the common AT-TE walker. Three blaster cannons provided some cover fire, but did little against missiles. Some Carrier Gunships had small rockets mounted under each wing just like the standard LAAT/i Gunships had. Primarily, Carrier Gunships relied on starfighters and other gunships for protection.

Despite the bulkiness, these Dropships were fast and efficient at deploying their cargo. Skilled pilots could maneuver into tight areas and drop off walkers onto unsuspecting droid forces. Anakin Skywalker notoriously made use of these in his "aggressive negotiations" tactics.

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