Vesper Cruiser

Mel Miniatures printed by WesJanson3D (1/6704)

IThe Build

I bought this from Etsy WesJanson3D, who prints Mel Miniaures designs. This is the Vesper Cruiser seen in Ahsoka. I think the name is actually Vesper, not the class.

I primed the Vesper Cruiser in black before spraying light grey very delicately over it. By painting slowly and in small areas, it created a very weathered, mottled look. Then I sprayed darker and lighter shades on different panels. I had some cut outs and tape to mask off other panels for more highlights. I mixed a quick blue shade for the stripes, which were quite difficult to mask off. Finally, I came back in with a brush to do some smaller highlights and paint the engines (I hate that part). I tried Vallejo's Xpress Color Starship Steel for the off-black areas, which gave it a bluish metallic look. I'm excited to try it more in the future, as it works great as an acrylic wash/filter.

I didn't have any New Republic emblems, so I haven't added any to the model yet.


Before being scuttled, the Vesper Cruiser was a newer starship design built for the New Republic fleet. Her last voyage saw her transporting the prisoner Morgan Elsbeth before being attacked by Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. The two dark siders annihilated all her crew before escaping with Morgan.

Benjamin Last designed the Vesper cruiser for Ahsoka. I believe he was inspired by RotJ designs that later became the MC30C Frigate. Although this new design feels bulkier and stronger. Without any references, I estimated her length at 1200 meters.

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