“Cody, get the tanks down.”

Well, I started something new--again. But this is for a friend, so I am more inclined to finish. It's a 3D print of the LAAT/c or Cargo Gunship. It's in 1/72 to go along with the Micro Galaxy Squadron figures. And I'm really excited to get to the painting and weathering stage. Right now, I'm at the sand and pray stage. Follow the build here.

TIE Phantom Breakdown

It's short, but go check out the new TIE Phantom size analysis page. Thank you to a friend for reaching out to one of the original designers for the behind-the-scenes schematic. I may add more detail later, but this is the most "definitive" size page I have done since it comes from the person who created the ship in the first place.

Altaya Diecast Miniatures

So, I've changed some stuff around. There's a Toys & Collectibles main page now in the top bar. Under that is the Action Fleet page we all know and love. But more importantly, there's a new page for the Altaya Miniatures with pics and my thoughts on each one. I'm still keeping the scales page for them, but it will stay separate. I hope to add more in the future. Until then, enjoy a ton of new pics, as well as this one showing the Altaya Ski Speeder being roughly in scale with the Micro Galaxy Squadron Figures.