Micro Galaxy Squadron photo archives update!

Well, if you haven't seen them yet, I've been working on pages for the Micro Galaxy Squadron line. Today, I completed the photos of everything I have, which completed series 1 and 2 and most of 3. The main MGS page has the exclusives and general information. Series 1, Series 2, and Series 3 each have their separate pages. Also, I've bought a few Fanblade Starfighters to use the stand on other ships. The holes you need to drill are about 2mm or 5/64 in. And, they are spaced about 14 to 14.5mm apart.

“Cody, get the tanks down.”

Well, I started something new--again. But this is for a friend, so I am more inclined to finish. It's a 3D print of the LAAT/c or Cargo Gunship. It's in 1/72 to go along with the Micro Galaxy Squadron figures. And I'm really excited to get to the painting and weathering stage. Right now, I'm at the sand and pray stage. Follow the build here.