Star Wars Action Fleet scale list

Galoob started the Star Wars Action Fleet line in 1995 as a larger, more interactive toy series to their Micro Machines. These included figures and moveable features, such as landing gear and canopies. They later made playsets for the vehicles complete with Ralph McQuarrie artwork. Hasbro later resurrected the line for a short time in 2002.

Because many Action Fleet toys are not proportionate to the real vehicles, some scales me be off slightly. Also, the Wookieepedia reference I used didn’t state whether guns were included, but I tried to use the Incredible Cross-sections book when I could, which does a good job at listing exact hull length. For a few vehicles, there were so many possibilities that I gave an estimate based on several measurements. Also, because of disproportionate molds, these scales may be slightly off.

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Luke's Landspeeder3011.3 cm3.4 m
Flash Speeder3612.6 cm (sans gun)4.5 m
Gian Speeder4014 cm5.7 m
Snowspeeder4212.5 cm5.3 m
Vulture Droid4615 cm6.96 m
Flare-S Swoop Bike476.33 cm3 m
Imperial Speeder Bike526.33 cm3.3 m
TIE Advanced x15211.1 cm5.8 m
A-wing5412.7 cm6.9 m
Anakin's Podracer5612.6 cm (engine)7 m
Sith Speeder Bike572.94 cm (sans pedals)1.65 m
AAT6215 cm9.19 m
Figures642.8 cm (average height)1.8 m (est.)
V-35 Lars' Landspeeder6412 cm7.64 m
E-wing6616.9 cm11.2 m
STAP663.15 cm (height)2.09 m
TIE Interceptor6811.3 cm7.7 m
TIE Bomber7011.2 cm7.8 m
Sebulba's Podracer7110.6 cm (engine)7.47 m
Naboo Starfighter7215.3 cm11 m
T-16 Skyhopper737.1 cm (sans gun)5.2 m
Homing Spider Droid779.5 cm (leg height)7.32 m
AT-ST7911.4 cm (height)9.04 m
Cloud Car798.9 cm7 m
X-wing7916.9 cm13.4 m
TIE Fighter809.1 cm7.24 m
Desert Skiff8611.1 cm9.5 m
Gungan Sub9016.7 cm15 m
Vulture Droid907.76 cm6.96 mAlpha mini
Mars Guo's Podracer927.9 cm (engine)7.24 m
TIE Defender9210 cm9.2 m
Y-wing9217.6 cm16.24 m
Republic Gunship9318.3 cm (wingspan)17 m
Naboo Starfighter9511.55 cm11 mAlpha mini
Escape Pod999.9 cm10 m
AT-TE10015.5 cm (sans guns)15.5 m (est.)
B-wing10516.1 cm16.9 m
Virago1088.35 cm (hull only)9 m
Slave I14814.5 cm (height)21.5 m
Lambda-class Shuttle15313.1 cm20 m
Jabba’s Sail Barge15819 cm30 m
Sith Infiltrator17615.1 cm26.5 m
AT-AT18012.5 cm (height)22.5 m
Millennium Falcon19318 cm34.75 m
MTT22316.1 cm35.94 m
Solar Sailer2237.5 cm (pod only)16.76 m
Jawa Sandcrawler24116.6 cm40 m8.6 cm (height)
Sentinel Landing Craft24815.3 cm38 m
Sith Infiltrator3038.75 cm26.5 mAlpha mini
Naboo Royal Starship36920.6 cm76 m
Naboo Royal Starship70910.72 cm76 mAlpha mini
Republic Cruiser74215.5 cm115 m
Corellian Corvette83318 cm150 m
Droid Landing Ship165922.3 cm (width)370 m
Acclamator Assault Ship422917.7 cm752 m
Droid Control Ship2313813.592 cm (width)3009 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - see my analysis


  1. Thank you for going through all this trouble setting up this website. You have really helped me out. This is my favorite size action models. I’m just starting my collection. Anyway, I wish you the best my friend.

  2. Hmm. So, I see the speeder and swoop are listed at 1/48 (roughly 35mm figure scale), but the figures themselves seem to be at roughly 15mm figure scale, no? is it possible the 3m length is off, because the figure to vehicle ratio doesn’t seem too glaringly wrong.

    • They might be off, but the 3 meters fits other models (like the Bandai 1/12 kit). The figures at 2.8 cm roughly are a bit undersized. However, toys aren’t always proportional in the right ways.

      • Fair enough, that scans. Thanks for the help — I don’t have the Bandai model, and those are almost always (*cough* A-wing *cough*) pretty dead-on.

  3. Any idea on the scales of the larger Collector Fleet models (tantiv iv, star destroyer, and super star destroyer)?

    • I never did collect those. Tantive IV might be a little larger than the Fantasy Flight one. I would guess the Star Destroyer around 1/4000-ish. No idea about the Executor.

  4. Hello! Nice website. Just one comment regarding one of the speeders: the Flash Speeder, according to the Cross Sections book from Episode I, is just 4,5 meters long. That makes complete sense if you compare it with the Gian Speeder, which is by far bigger (5,7 m), a fact that can be also seen attending to movie captures. I don’t know why the wookieepedia says that the lenght of the Flash Speeder is 7,5 m, something ridiculous. Thank you!

    • I think you have a point. Looking at the history of the vehicle and some stills, I think the 7.54 meters refers to the one episode of Rebels where Zeb pilots one. It is much larger than the smaller version seen in TPM. I’ll update the scales since the only versions I have listed are from TPM.

  5. The 30th anniversary Tri-Droid seems roughly in scale with the action fleet AT-TE if used as the larger variant, judging by comparisons with thr AT-UT on Mygeeto in Revenge of the Sith. It stands 19cm tall with the legs fully extended, but about 16-17cm tall with the legs positioned as depicted on Mygeeto.

    It’s packaged as the anti-infantry variant, and meant to be in scale with the 3.75″ figures as that variant, so the similar scale to the Action Fleet AT-TE might be accidental.

    • Well, they have 2 Tri-Droids or Octuptarra droids. One was infantry sized at 3.6 meters (making yours 1/21 scale). The larger one was 14.59 meters making yours 1/88. It’s a little bit big for the AT-TE. It’s nearly in scale with the Vulture Droid though.

  6. Disney’s 2015 Disney Store exclusive die cast line has a B-Wing that’s between 15.5-16cm. It seems to be roughly the same size as the Action Fleet B-Wing, but with a screen accurate (and thus smaller in diameter) cockpit.

    • Hey man. In AF size, the Razor Crest would be about 6 inches, maybe a little longer. I could see it being on par with the Republic Gunship

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