Star Wars De Agostini scale list

The De Agostini (sometimes called Atlas) line is a series that aired in Europe around 2002ish. Later, they saw a wider release in 2007. These die-cast ships vary greatly in size and feature delicate plastic details. They come in sturdy acrylic display cases with themed backdrops, and they each come with a short “fact-file” magazine about the vehicle and other Star Wars information. However, their high price tag and limited distribution made them overlooked by many collectors. Yet, even with these short-comings, the line has some unique pieces and is worth looking into if you want some great display models. Originally, De Agostini had 60 vehicle/issues slated for US release, as well as an exclusive Death Star I. As of 2012, De Agostini ended with a total of 80 ships/magazine collections (plus the DS1).

Many of these are marked as [*]. These measurements were either taken from the German Star Wars Collector Base website or friends, but should still be considered very accurate.


VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Darth Maul's Speeder Bike189.4 cm *1.65 m
Owen's Swoop Bike269.6 cm *3.68 m
Speeder Bike329.5 cm3 m
Grievous' Wheel Bike327.8 cm (height) *2.5 m
Luke's Landspeeder359.7 cm *3.4 m
STAP377.8 cm *2.9 m
AT-RT438.1 cm (height) *3.45 m
BARC Speeder519.49 cm4.83 m
Droid Tri-Fighter579.4 cm *5.4 m
Flash Speeder637.1 cm *4.5 m
AT-PT666.08 cm (height est.)4 m
Zam Wesell's Airspeeder689.65 cm6.6 m
Jedi Interceptor707.8 cm *5.47 m
Snowspeeder717.44 cm5.3 m
Grievous' Starfighter719.4 cm *6.71 m
A-wing729.55 cm6.9 m
V-wing7910.07 cm7.9 m
Jedi Starfighter859.4 cm *8 m
TIE Advanced x1896.5 cm *5.8 m
Vulture Droid937.5 cm *6.96 m
Desert Skiff969.9 cm *9.5 m
Geonosian Starfighter989.99 cm9.8 m
TIE Crawler1026.54 cm6.7 m
Persuader Tank Droid10410.55 cm10.96 m
AAT1088.5 cm *9.19 m
Naboo Starfighter10810.2 cm *11 m
TIE Interceptor1087.15 cm7.7 m
1.18 cm (viewport)
T-16 Skyhopper1119.4 cm (height) *10.4 m
TIE Fighter1116.5 cm *7.24 m
Anakin's Podracer1176 cm (engine) *7 m
Cloud Car1215.79 cm7 m
Homing Spider Droid1225.98 cm (leg height)7.32 m
AT-ST1277.1 cm (height) *9.04 m
Hailfire Droid1326.42 cm (wheel diameter)8.5 m
TIE Bomber1375.68 cm7.8 m
1.18 cm (viewport)
Sebulba's Podracer1495 cm (engine) *7.47 m
Gungan Sub1569.6 cm *15 m
X-wing1588.5 cm *13.4 m
Wookiee Catamaran1619.4 cm15.1 m
B-wing16110.5 cm *16.9 m
TIE Defender1655.59 cm8.8 m
Y-wing1679.7 cm *16.24 m
ARC-17018610.67 cm (width)19.85 m
Neimoidian Shuttle1927.5 cm *14.4 m
AT-OT20010 cm *20 m (est.)
AT-TE2158.36 cm (sans guns)18 m (est.)
UT-AT2489.58 cm23.8 m
Republic Gunship2577.53 cm (wingspan)19.34 m
Slave I2727.9 cm (height)*21.5 m
AT-AT2818 cm (height) *22.5 m
Sith Infiltrator2949 cm *26.5 m
Jabba's Sail Barge3199.4 cm *30 m
Solar Sailor3225.2 cm *16.76 m
Theta-class Shuttle3255.7 cm (sans gun)18.5 m
Lambda-class Shuttle3575.6 cm *20 m
MTT3719.7 cm *35.94 m
Millennium Falcon3869 cm *34.75 m
Jawa Sandcrawler4219.5 cm *40 m
Juggernaut Turbo Tank5239.45 cm (sans guns)49.4 m
Naboo Star Skiff5315.5 cm *29.2 m
Naboo Royal Starship8449 cm *76 m
Naboo J-type Barge10543.7 cm *39 m
Rebel Transport11647.73 cm90 m
Corellian Corvette142910.5 cm *150 m
Techno Union Hardcell23149.508 cm220 m
Nebulon-B Frigate33339 cm *300 m
Droid Landing Ship3978
9.3 cm (width) *370 m
AA-9 Starfreighter40539.623 cm390 m
Invisible Hand9891
11 cm *1088 m
MC80 Liberty-class1090911 cm *1200 m
Venator Star Destroyer118469.75 cm *1155 m
Recusant Destroyer123689.597 cm1187 m
Imperial Star Destroyer179788.9 cm *1600 m
MC80 Home One-class3106810.3 cm *3200 m (est.)
Droid Control Ship449106.7 cm (width) *3009 m
Executor19000010 cm *19 km
Death Star I24301346.584 cm160 km
Cloud City28173915.75 cm (diameter)*16.2 km
Death Star II30769236.5 cm *200 km

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - based on stills from AotC looking at Clone height and LAAT Dropship size

AT-OT - based on larger AT-TE size & stills from RotS

MC-80 Home One-class - based on stills from RotJ and Empire At War suggesting double the length of a Star Destroyer


  1. What kind of metal are these made of? I keep seeing listings that say “Diecast LEAD Star Wars” etc. It seems unlikely they’re made of lead…right?

    • I’m pretty sure they are just the basic die-cast metal that all die-cast toys are made of, which is zinc and aluminum. I’ve drilled into them before and they react the same way as the titanium series do.

  2. Wookieepedia cites a length of 14.3m for the AT-OT from the Star Wars Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles.

    • Yes, but that doesn’t fit the updated length of the AT-TE at 22.02 meters (Which I think includes the canon).

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