Star Wars F-toys scale list

Star Wars F-Toys is a Japanese line of pre-painted models. Sold as "mystery toys", the boxes have no indication of what is inside, only what the series contains. However, these aren’t difficult to find, and most sellers label them for individual purchase. Furthermore, each series has a "secret" item, which is often a repaint of another model.

Most kits come slightly disassembled with sprues of smaller pieces (like landing gear), as well as decals for certain emblems. Fortunately, most of the parts snap together easily. Still, I have found some parts need a little sanding or glue to make them fit. And yes, they are compatible with styrene cement.

Detail is fantastic, and many have movable features and/or removable canopies with interiors. Moreover, the canopies are clear with a slight dark tint. However, despite being pre-painted, F-toys have very little weathering. So, a wash will go a long way in making them look better.

While typically listed as 1/144, the F-toys line used older references, hence why the scales are all over the place.

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. Dimension
A-wing1066.49 cm6.9 m
Snowspeeder1224.33 cm5.3 m
TIE Crawler1235.43 cm6.7 m
AAT1346.84 cm9.19 m
Y-wing13611.98 cm16.24 m
TIE Interceptor1375.61 cm7.7 m9.9 mm (viewport)
Jedi Starfighter Delta-71425.63 cm8 m
Jedi Interceptor Eta-21443.79 cm5.47 m
B-wing14511.69 cm16.9 m
Naboo Starfighter1457.6 cm11 m
AT-ST1486.1 cm (height)9.04 m
X-wing1498.98 cm13.4 m
TIE Advanced x11513.83 cm5.8 m9.9 mm (viewport)
TIE Bomber1525.13 cm7.8 m9.9 mm (viewport)
AT-TE1599.73 cm (sans guns)15.5 m (est.)
TIE Fighter1614.49 cm7.24 m9.9 mm (viewport)
AT-AT19011.83 cm (height)22.5 m
Vulture Droid2782.5 cm6.96 m
Lambda-class Shuttle3246.167 cm20 m
Jawa Sandcrawler34311.67 cm40 m
Slave I3635.93 cm (height)21.5 m
Millennium Falcon3908.91 cm34.75 m
AT-AT4505 cm (height)22.5 m
Imperial Star Destroyer1492310.721 cm1600 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - see my analysis


    • Sadly, the wings do NOT fold. The cockpit does rotate, and the canopy can be removed if you want.

  1. Got an X-wing. Very high quality for that price. Looks awesome! Very similar to old titanium series new mold (2007+).
    I got Red5, I see Red2 on photos. Maybe there are different X-wing wariations too, anyone knows?

    • Yeah, they are really nice. They only made Red 5 and Red 2 that I recall…maybe Red 3. Titanium branched out more with other variants. I really wish F-toys was still around doing Star Wars, and we could have Blue and Green squadrons.

  2. Hi there, I tried applying the waterslides to the ETA-03 kit, but they just wouldnt stick. Any advice on an adhesive? Thanks!

    • Decals are supposed to have adhesive built in. How long did you soak it for? I usually dip the decal in the water, then immediately take it out and let it sit for about 10 seconds. Then I test to see if the decals are ready. For decal solutions, I like Micro Set & Sol or the Mr. Hobby Set/Sol products.

  3. I soaked it for about 30 seconds (enough that It slid right off the paper). I left it on the pastic for a few minutes, but it just wouldnt adhere. Do either of your recommendations leave the area glossy? I asked on reddit and was told gloss varnish may be a good option.

    Thanks so much for your reply as you are obviously the expert on these awesome little figures and I have zero experience with model kits and water slides.

    • I don’t usually recommend a gloss varnish because of how hard it can be to get a gloss varnish to go on smooth, and it’s just one extra step. I think soaking less time is the key. Submerge the decal until the paper is soaked through, then remove from the water. Slid the decal off about 10 seconds later. If you wait too long, the water will dissolve the adhesive.

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