Star Wars Fantasy Flight/Atomic Mass scale list

Includes X-wing, Armada, & Legion miniatures

Fantasy Flight Games (now Atomic Mass Games) has several tabletop miniature games for Star Wars. The X-wing line shoots for 1/270 scale for starfighters with larger freighters hitting smaller scales. On the other hand, Armada is all over the place. Finally, Legion seems to aim for 1/47 scale, but would easily pass for 1/48 making some Bandai kits excellent diorama accessories.

The Armada and X-wing lines come pre-painted, covered in a dark wash. Luckily, the paint is solid enough to act as a nice primer coat should you wish to paint them. As for construction, they seem attached with super-glue. So, if you want to pop them apart for lighting, just twist/pop them apart (freezing them for a few hours helps). You can also find "breakdown" guides online if you search. While the others require super-glue to assemble, I've found that the Legion vehicles work fine with styrene cement making them easy to customize.

In 2020, Fantasy Flight Games merged with Asmodee, who then moved development to a new studio called Atomic Mass Games. In short, Atomic Mass Games develops them, Asmodee owns/distributes them, but most people still know them as Fantasy Flight.

Lastly, a lot of official sizes have changed over the years. New A-wing and TIE official sizes knock these off of the 1/270 average (see links). It's not a huge issue, but it explains the scales below. Enjoy!

-- Scroll down for Legion & Armada scales --

Notes on individual scales & references at the bottom.

X-wing Miniatures Scales

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
TIE Advanced x11723.38 cm5.8 m8.07 mm (viewport)
TIE Advanced v11761.82 cm3.2 m8.09 cm (viewport)
A-wing1923.59 cm6.9 m
Droid Tri-Fighter1932.8 cm5.4 m
Grievous' Starfighter2023.32 cm6.71 m
V-wing2063.84 cm7.9 m
TIE Interceptor2113.65 cm7.7 m6.97 mm (viewport)
Quadjumper2123.77 cm7.98 m
Resistance A-wing2123.62 cm7.68 m
TIE/ba Baron2124.45 cm9.44 m (est.)
TIE/sf2123.16 cm6.69 m
Jedi Interceptor Eta-22162.53 cm5.47 m
Naboo Starfighter2165.1 cm11 m
TIE Bomber2173.6 cm7.8 m
TIE Punisher2174.71 cm10.2 m (est.)
Vulture Droid2173.21 cm6.96 m
TIE Heavy2194.07 cm8.9 m
TIE/vn Silencer2207.92 cm17.43 m
Republic Gunship2217.68 cm (wingspan)17 m
TIE Fighter2213.27 cm7.24 m7.3 mm (viewport)
TIE/wi Whisper2217.21 cm15.9 m
TIE Aggressor2313.34 cm7.7 m (est.)7.8 mm (viewport)
Droid Gunship2324.2 cm (width)9.75 m
Mist Hunter2326.47 cm15 m
V-19 Torrent2392.51 cm (sans guns)6 m
Geonosian Starfighter2404.09 cm9.8 m
Kihraxz Fighter2404.59 cm11 m
Resistance Transport2456.61 cm (width)16.18 m
ARC-1702564.96 cm (sans guns)12.71 m8.425 cm (width)
HWK-2902606.16 cm16 m
TIE Defender2623.51 cm9.2 m
Punishing One2637.61 cm20 m
Slave I2638.11 cm (width)21.3 m
IG-20002677.48 cm20 m
Rogue-class starfighter2674.76 cm12.7 m
Ghost26816.4 cm43.9 m
Millennium Falcon (Lando's)26815.18 cm40.8 m
Phantom2684.34 cm11.63 m
Phantom II2684.15 cm11.12 m (est.)
Sith Infiltrator2689.9 cm26.5 m
Y-wing2686.05 cm *16.24 mVersion 2.0
B-wing2696.29 cm16.9 mVersion 2.0
Gozanti Cruiser26923.75 cm63.8 m
Z-95 Headhunter2694.39 cm11.8 m
Clone Z-95 Headhunter2706.21 cm16.74 cm
Fireball2704.63 cm12.5 m (est.)
Lambda-class Shuttle2707.413 cm20 m
Fang Fighter2704.28 cm11.56 m (est.)
M3-A Scyk2703.49 cm9.42 m (est.)
M12-L Kimogila2706.18 cm16.7 m (est.)
Resistance Y-wing2706.72 cm18.17 m
TIE Reaper2708.96 cm24.2 m
TIE/se Bomber2706.3 cm17 m *
VT-49 Decimator27014.1 cm38 m
Xi-class Shuttle2704.38 cm11.84 m
E-wing2714.14 cm11.2 m
Hyena Bomber2714.6 cm12.48 m
Razor Crest2719 cm24.38 m
B-wing2726.22 cm16.9 m
Starfortress Bomber2737.93 cm (height)21.65 m
U-wing2748.76 cm23.99 m
Y-wing2745.92 cm *16.24 m
TIE/vn Silencer2776.3 cm17.43 mVersion 2.0
TIE Striker2776.2 cm17.18 m
K-wing2785.75 cm16 m
Outrider2856.54 cm18.65 m
Scurrg H-6 Bomber2867.69 cm (width)22 m (est.)5.14 cm (length)
Alpha-class Star Wing2883.47 cm10 m
X-wing2954.54 cm13.4 m
Shadow Caster30011.33 cm (sans guns)34 m11.77 cm (width)
Upsilon-class Shuttle30112.35 cm (wing height)37.2 m5.64 cm (hull length)
Virago3136.71 cm (height)21 m
Hound's Tooth31415.1 cm47.4 m
Kom'rk Gauntlet Fighter32116.3 cm (length)52.3 m17.5 cm (width)
BTL-B Y-wing3227.15 cm23.04 m
TIE Phantom3683.89 cm14.3 m
Rebel Transport39622.75 cm90 m
Raider Corvette43934.2 cm150 m
Corellian Corvette45632.9 cm150 m

Legion & Armada Scales

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
TX-225 Occupier Tank4416.8 cm7.3 mLegion
Figures473.8 cm (average height)1.8 m (est.)Legion
ISP Swamp Speeder4710.6 cm (sans guns)5 mLegion
A-A5 Speeder Truck4820.7 cm10 m (est.)Legion
TX-130 Saber Tank4817.1 cm8.2 mLegion
Dwarf Spider Droid504 cm (height sans antenna)1.98 mLegion
Persuader Tank Droid5121.3 cm10.96 mLegion
LAAT/le Patrol Gunship5321.59 cm *11.48 m
Figures583.1 cm (average height)1.8 m (est.)Imperial Assault
Vulture Droid5571.25 cm6.96 mArmada
A-wing5751.2 cm *6.9 mArmada
TIE Advanced x1612.948 cm5.8 mArmada
V-19 Torrent660.909 cm6 mArmada
TIE Interceptor6671.155 cm7.7 mArmada
TIE Bomber7071.103 cm7.8 mArmada
TIE Defender7671.2 cm9.2 mArmada
TIE Fighter799.906 cm7.24 mArmada
B-wing8891.9 cm *16.9 mArmada
HWK-2908981.781 cm16 mArmada
Y-wing9281.75 cm *16.24 mArmada
X-wing9571.4 cm *13.4 mArmada
TIE Phantom12121.18 cm14.3 mArmada
Lambda-class Shuttle14811.35 cm20 mArmada
VT-49 Decimator16182.348 cm38 mArmada
Gozanti Cruiser17303.688 cm63.8 mArmada
Ghost18272.403 cm43.9 mArmada
Shadow Caster18641.824 cm (sans guns)34 mArmada
Hammerhead Corvette21425.447 cm116.7 mArmada
Rebel Transport21654.158 cm90 mArmada
Republic Charger Frigate25915.347 cm138.55 mArmada
Raider Corvette25955.78 cm150 mArmada
Corellian Corvette26165.734 cm150 mArmada
Arquitens Command Cruiser31277.355 cm230 mArmada
Techno Union Hardcell31566.971 cm220 mArmada
Pelta Frigate31688.902 cm282 mArmada
Nebulon-B Frigate33009.09 cm300 mArmada
Phoenix Home35337.982 cm282 mArmada
Quasar Light Carrier37269.124 cm340 mArmada
MC30c Frigate524511.058 cm580 mArmada
Invisible Hand597818.2 cm1088 mArmada
Acclamator Assault Ship615312.222 cm752 mArmada
Gladiator Star Destroyer65189.205 cm600 mArmada
Assault Frigate Mk II654210.7 cm700 mArmada
Victory Star Destroyer656513.709 cm900 mArmada
MC75 Profundity658218.3 cm1204.44 mArmada
Munificent Frigate659612.507 cm825 mArmada
MC80 Liberty-class681817.6 cm1200 mArmada
Recusant Destroyer690117.2 cm1187 mArmada
Venator Star Destroyer700016.5 cm1155 mArmada
Interdictor Star Destroyer710115.9 cm1129 mArmada
Onager Star Destroyer757617 cm1288 mArmada
Imperial Star Destroyer788220.3 cm1600 mArmada
Starhawk Battleship956225.1 cm2400 mArmada
MC80 Home One-class1750518.28 cm3200 m (est.)Armada
Executor3054762.2 cm19 kmArmada

Notes on Estimated Sizes

aka the ships I have issues with.

A-A5 Speeder Truck - based on assuming 1/48 and the older artwork of the A-A6z.

Fireball - based on assuming FFG version is 1/270 and that it's based on an X-wing chassis

Mandalorian Fang Fighter - based on stills from Rebels & assuming FFG version is 1/270

MC-80 Home One-class - see my analysis

Phantom II - based on assuming it's a smaller version of the Separatist Shuttle AND in scale with the Ghost.

Scurrg H-6 bomber - based on assuming 22 m refers to width, not length

TIE Aggressor - both Canon and Legends say it's an extended chassis that's longer than the standard TIE, still used a standard TIE pod. So, if you assume both viewports are the same size, then it's 7.7 meters roughly.

TIE Punisher - based on assuming it's in scale with the FFG TIE Bomber (same size bomb bays).


  1. Thanks for this wonderful and comprehensive job. Would You be thinking about adding newer expansions to this section as they come? I must admit I based strongly on Your lists when choosing models.

    • Thank you. I would love to expand my FFG collection, but since I don’t play, I find it hard to justify the price. However, like with the De Agostini miniatures, I’ll be happy to include sizes that someone else measures (I label these with a *).

  2. Hello, thanks for compiling this information. This came very handy to print 3D boxes to “teleport” my entire fleet around ;-).
    However i’m a bit confused by some of these. Are they wing span measurements or nose to tail ?


    • Thanks for the heads up. I hadn’t noticed they changed that. Looks like they have conflicting sizes. 34 meters is definitely closer to Rebels, so I’ll update. I think the old 18 meters was what they imagined it as for the unfinished Clone Wars episodes. Best!

  3. Hello, really appreciate having this information. Are there any plans to fill out the legion list with the remaining vehicles?

    • Thanks man. I’d love to add more Legion scales/sizes, but I only have a handful of their vehicles. If anyone wants to send me measurements, I’ll be glad to add them. I probably will be picking up the latest wave with the Republic Infantry Support Platform. Best!

  4. Thx for the explanation. I also rewatched the episode in rebels it is first seen and the arquitens really help see the length of 1100m

  5. Hey there! I’m wondering how the Kenner 1996 Blockade Runner, collectors edition, would scale out. Would it be more accurate than the Tantive IV that ffg provides (looking at xwing tabletop.)

    • Looking at the images of it, I think it’s bigger than the FFG. But the FFG is definitely more accurate. I would estimate the Kenner version at 1/350 to 1/400. Best!

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