Star Wars Hasbro Micro Machines scale list

For The Force Awakens, Hasbro "awakened" several old toy lines, including Galoob's Micro Machines. Hasbro released these in 3-packs, 5-packs with figures, blind bags, and new playsets. All of the molds are new to this line and encompass all Star Wars time periods.

Instead of being painted like the older Micros, these are molded in their base color, which results in a slightly shiny or plastic look. However, they somewhat have better details than Galoob's line. Collectors will want to purchase these in person since some of the models will experience warping due to the vinyl plastic.

Sadly, they do not include display stands, but they have holes and fit old MM stands perfectly.

Notes on individual scales & references at the bottom.

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Probe Droid453.54 cm1.6 m
Joban T-85 Speeder Bike653.7 cm2.4 m
Imperial Speeder Bike754.39 cm3.3 m
Figures772.32 cm (average height)1.8 m (est.)
Resistance Speeder804.39 cm3.5 m (est.)
Rey's Speeder874.27 cm3.73 m
Luggabeast942.47 cm (height)
2.31 m3.35 cm (length)
Dewback1021.96 cm (height)2 m
Jakku Raider Speeder1215.27 cm6.4 m (est.)
First Order Snowspeeder1224.3 cm5..26 m
Jedi Interceptor Eta-2136
4.03 cm
5.47 m
Droid Tri-Fighter1423.79 cm5.4 m
Snowspeeder1493.56 cm5.3 m
Vulture Droid156
4.45 cm
6.96 m
A-wing1574.47 cm6.9 m
Imperial Combat Assault Tank
1594.59 cm7.3 m
Jedi Starfighter Delta-71644.87 cm8 m
4.55 cm
7.9 m
Naboo Starfighter1855.95 cm11 m
Anakin's Podracer1953.59 cm (engine)7 m
TIE Advanced x12062.81 cm5.8 m5.92 mm (viewport)
Imperial Troop Transport2144.09 cm8.77 m
A-wing2154.4 cm9.6 mRebels variant
TIE Advanced v12151.49 cm3.2 m2.86 cm (length)
Quadjumper2313.45 cm7.98 m
AT-ST2363.83 cm (height)9.04 m
Fang Fighter2394.06 cm9.7 m (est.)
TIE/fo Fighter2392.8 cm6.69 m6.6 mm (viewport)
TIE Interceptor2403.21 cm7.7 m5.77 mm (viewport)
Hailfire Droid2553.33 cm (wheel diameter)8.5 m
TIE Fighter2592.79 cm7.24 m5.96 mm (viewport)
T-70 X-wing2734.58 cm12.49 m
TIE Bomber2842.75 cm7.8 m5.93 mm (viewport)
X-wing2934.58 cm13.4 m
Resistance Transport2955.48 cm (width)16.18 m
Phantom3043.83 cm11.63 m
Y-wing3045.34 cm16.24 m
AT-DP3113.74 cm (height)11.64 m
Wookiee Gunship3134.7 cm14.7 m
B-wing3404.97 cm16.9 m
TIE Striker3425.03 cm17.18 m
ARC-1703465.74 cm (width)19.85 m
First Order Transporter3525.07 cm17.83 m
AT-TE3614.29 cm (sans guns)15.5 m (est.)
Republic Gunship3664.65 cm (wingspan)17 m
TIE Phantom3973.6 cm14.3 m
U-wing4255.65 cm23.99 m
Sith Infiltrator5045.26 cm26.5 m
AT-AT5174.35 cm (height)22.5 m
Slave I5174.16 cm (height)21.5 m
Jabba's Sail Barge5755.22 cm30 m
AT-ACT6714.75 cm (height)31.85 m
Millennium Falcon6825.093 cm34.75 m
Jawa Sandcrawler7105.63 cm40 m
Upsilon-class Shuttle7415.02 cm (wing height)
37.2 m2.707 cm (hull length)
Lambda-class Shuttle7432.69 cm20 m
Delta-class Shuttle7601.893 cm14.39 m
Ghost8285.3 cm43.9 m
Zeta-class Cargo Shuttle8314.27 cm35.5 m
Naboo Royal Starship12386.14 cm76 m
Corellian Corvette28205.32 cm150 m
Resurgent Star Destroyer765338.1 cm *2915.81 mPlayset
Invisible Hand141237.704 cm1088 m
Interdictor Star Destroyer168286.709 cm1129 m
Imperial Star Destroyer23529
6.8 cm1600 m
Resurgent Star Destroyer415837.012 cm
2915.81 m
MC80 Home One-class481566.645 cm3200 m (est.)
Executor2433097.809 cm19 km
Death Star I50235483.185 cm160 km

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - see my analysis

Fang Fighter - based on Raven Deviant's analysis, which fits the Micro Galaxy mini perfectly.

Jakku Raider Speeder - based on stills from 360 Jakku promo video comparing human size

Mandalorian Fang Fighter - based on stills from Rebels & assuming FFG version is 1/270

MC-80 Home One-class - see my analysis

Resistance Speeder - based on photo from TFA Visual Dictionary looking at human size


  1. Your sie for the ARC-170 is oof. in the new cannon its length is 12.7 meters long and in the “legends” old EU it is 14.5 meters long.

    • Thank you, but I’m actually using the wingspan/width measurements of 19.5 m, which is the newer canon width.

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