Star Wars Hot Wheels scale list

Hot Wheels began their Star Wars line in 2016, on the heels of Hasbro's re-re-release of the Titanium line. Initially, Hot Wheels only released Star Wars-themed cars. Later, they expanded to die-cast vehicles with rubbery-plastic detail parts. Most of these come with some type of stand. While there have been several unique vehicles, Hot Wheels details are not as good as Titanium offerings. Hot Wheels models typically have thicker parts with limited details, as well as very little poseability. Still, it's nice to have a die-cast version of Yoda's Jedi Starfighter.

For a full list with pictures, check out this Complete Unofficial Guide By Brenn Tantor.

Notes on individual scales & references at the bottom.

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Imperial Speeder Bike427.86 cm (sans flaps)3.3 m
Zephyr-J Speeder Bike437.63 cm3.3 m (est.)
Grievous' Wheel Bike465.41 cm (height)2.5 m
Yoda's Jedi Starfighter505.96 cm3 m (est.)
Treadspeeder518.17 cm4.17 m
Imperial Patrol Speeder527.9 cm4.12 m
Han's M-68 Landspeeder556.98 cm3.85 m
Rey's Speeder607.04 cm3.73 m
Jedi Interceptor Eta-2697.87 cm5.47 mSelect Series
TIE Advanced v1873.66 cm *3.2 m1.27 cm (viewport) *
TIE Fighter967.53 cm7.24 mSelect Series
TIE Advanced x11015.74 cm *5.8 m1.13 cm (viewport) *
Resistance A-wing1027.54 cm7.68 m
TX-225 Occupier Tank1076.84 cm7.3 m
Naboo Starfighter1119.9 cm11 m
TIE Interceptor1146.74 cm7.7 m
TIE Bomber1236.36 cm7.8 m
Ski Speeder1249.29 cm (width)11.5 m
TIE/fo Fighter1275.25 cm6.69 m1.21 cm (viewport) *
AT-ST1297 cm (height)9.04 m
TIE Fighter1385.23 cm *7.24 m1.15 cm (viewport) *
Republic Gunship14611.63 cm (wingspan)17 mSelect Series
TIE/dg Dagger1506.34 cm9.51 m
A-wing1516.35 cm9.6 mRebels variant
Fireball1647.62 cm12.5 m (est.)
T-70 X-wing1657.58 cm12.49 m
Fang Fighter1736.69 cm11.56 m (est.)
X-wing1747.7 cm13.4 m
Y-wing1769.25 cm *16.24 m
Resistance Transport1838.855 cm (width)16.18 m
TIE Silencer1849.46 cm17.43 m
Resistance Y-wing1979.22 cm18.17 m
First Order Transporter211
8.46 cm17.83 m
AT-TE2256.88 cm (sans guns)15.5 m (est.)
Republic Gunship2297.42 cm (wingspan)17 m
AT-Hauler2437.78 cm (landed height)18.9 m
U-wing2599.28 cm *23.99 m
Kom'rk Gauntlet Fighter27810.66 cm29.6 m (mk 3)Select Series
Sith Infiltrator2789.53 cm26.5 mSelect Series
Inquisitor Scythe2798.88 cm24.75 mSelect Series
Lambda-class Shuttle2827.1 cm20 mSelect Series
Millennium Falcon30211.49 cm34.75 mSelect Series
Slave I3126.9 cm (height) *21.5 m
Razor Crest3367.43 cm (sans guns)25 m (est.)
Starfortress Bomber3648.146 cm29.67 m
Lambda-class Shuttle3845.203 cm *20 m
Millennium Falcon4048.6 cm34.75 m
Havoc Marauder4087.43 cm30.33 m
Millennium Falcon (Lando's)4349.411 cm40.8 m
Ghost43610.08 cm43.9 mSelect Series
AT-ACT4806.63 cm (height)31.85 m
AT-M65167.01 cm (height)36.18 m
Upsilon-class Shuttle5326.997 cm (wing height)37.2 m
Ghost5787.6 cm *43.9 m
Imperial Arrestor Cruiser1356310.05 cm1363.13 m
Resurgent Star Destroyer2858610.2 cm2915.81 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - see my analysis

Fireball - based on assuming FFG version is 1/270 and that it's based on an X-wing chassis

Mandalorian Fang Fighter - based on stills from Rebels & assuming FFG version is 1/270

Mando's Speederbike - assuming it's 3.3 meters like the Aratech Imperial Speeder Bike (yes, the figure is a little small compared to screenshots)

Yoda's Jedi Starfighter - based on concept art showing size of Clonetrooper, Yoda, and R2-D2.


  1. I have a question about scale…is the number you are using the ratio typically used for scale I.e. 1:578 or 1:60? Or is this referring to something else? Thanks!

    • Correct. Something with a scale of 578 is the same as 1/578. Leaving off the 1/ makes it easier to sort. I also have a little image on reading these lists at the bottom of the Scale Lists page. Best!

  2. Where would the Episode I die-cast micromachines vulture droid fit? Did the Episode III versions use the same molds?

    • I might. I definitely want to get the Lambda Shuttle. I may get others depending on what they release (hoping for some prequel/Clone Wars ships). And of course, I’ll add measurements that others send me.

  3. Nice! The shuttle is the one I want most. The TIE fighter from that line is pretty good. Its about the same size at the Micro Galaxy TIE. I think they did a “premium elite” line of three ships a couple years ago, that I remember being pretty expensive. It was the TIE, X-wing, and Falcon. From a glance, it seems like they retooled those molds and reissued for the current line, but I never picked up any of those. The Falcon from the current line is 11.41 centimeters in length

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