Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron scale list

Jazwares 2022 line of Action Fleet-inspired toys

Action Fleet 2.0

In 2022, toy company Jazwares announce a new line of collectible Star Wars toys called Micro Galaxy Squadron. This new line is very reminiscent of Galoob's old Action Fleet line.  Every Micro Galaxy Squadron toy comes with at least 1 poseable figure and an array of "action" features like opening wings, extendable landing gear, and opening cockpits.

The detail on the Micro Galaxy Squadron line is very nice. The AT-ST is very much a scaled-down Bandai kit with softer details. Even then, I'm still amazed they captured rivets and panel lines that I didn't think would show up in that scale.

Most ships come with 2 figures that have poseable arms and legs just like the Action Fleet toys. Figures are fairly interchangeable with other ships, and often feature removable jetpacks or capes so you can seat them in a cockpit.

The downside to this line is that they have several Rare and Chase variations that are limited and thus hard to find. Blind Boxes make this even more annoying when trying to find rare speeders for example. I would suggest going on the many Action Fleet Facebook groups and posting what you are looking for.

Action Figure 411 has a Visual Guide of boxed ships for those interested.

Lastly, most Micro Galaxy Squadron ships have a strange weathering wash that looks like a coffee spill in some cases. It can removed with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and a paper towel. It doesn't seem to affect the paint, except for some painted canopies, so try removing those first. I've removed the caffeine drip wash from most vehicles without any issues.

Scaling Micro Galaxy Squadron

Unlike Action Fleet, Jazwares attempts to scale Micro Galaxy Squadron ships in a way the reflects their size. Speeders and starfighters are smaller than freighters. However, the scaling isn't exact, but meant to be more of a "suggestion" of scale. Larger freighters are smaller in scale to starfighters, but at least the suggestion is there.

Figures are roughly 1/72 scale. Some characters are taller, which is nice. Most of the Micro Galaxy Squadron ships are close enough that the difference in scale isn't noticeable.

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Sith Speeder Bike523.17 cm1.65 m
Joban T-85 Speeder Bike564.28 cm2.4 m
Jedi Starfighter Delta-7B5714.07 cm8 m
Imperial Troop Transport5815.11 cm8.77 m
TIE Advanced x1609.59 cm5.8 m
Mando's Speeder Bike635.21 cm3.3 m (est.)
Imperial Speeder Bike635.23 cm3.3 m
Figures722.5 cm (average height)1.8 m (est.)
AT-RT774.47 cm (height)3.45 m
Republic Gunship7821.7 cm (wingspan)17 m
Fanblade Starfighter8117.8 cm (height)14.4 m11.87 cm (length)
Cobb Vanth's Speeder876.9 cm6 m (est.)
TIE Fighter888.19 cm7.24 m
X-wing9713.84 cm13.4 m
AT-ST1009 cm (height)9.04 m
Slave I10620.3 cm (height)21.5 m18.2 cm (width)
Razor Crest11621 cm24.38 m
Millennium Falcon13625.5 cm34.75 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

Cobb Vanth's Speeder - though it uses Anakin's podracer engines, the yellow fins look shorter, so I guessed 6 meters instead of full 7.

Mando's Speederbike - assuming it's 3.3 meters like the Aratech Imperial Speeder Bike (yes, the figure is a little  small compared to screenshots)


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