Star Wars Miscellaneous scales

other miniatures and their scales

This section contains miscellaneous toys and miniatures, including Command, Hasbro, and other brands. I don't actually own most of these collectibles. Ergo, I rely on others to give me the dimensions. If you would like to contribute, please email me with sizes in centimeter/millimeters (preferably with calipers).

Notes on individual scales & references at the bottom.

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceAlt. DimensionLine
Rey's Speeder2515 cm *3.73 mDisney Die-cast
Imperial Speeder Bike2612.63 cm *3.3 mDisney Die-cast
Luke's Landspeeder2613.25 cm *3.4 mDisney Die-cast
Figures (Command)355.2 cm (average height)1.8 m (est.)Command
T-70 X-wing boosted4130.5 cm *12.49 mDisney Store
First Order Snowspeeder4412.02 cm5.26 mDisney Die-cast
TIE Silencer4935.5 cm *17.43 mDisney Store
Republic Gunship5729.8 cm (wingspan)17 mCode 3
TIE Advanced x1619.5 cm *5.8 mDisney Die-cast
TIE Fighter838.75 cm *7.24mDisney Die-cast
Snowspeeder846.29 cm5.3 mGaloob X-ray Fleet
Y-wing9317.5 cm *16.24 m16.2 cm (sans guns) *Disney Die-cast
X-wing9614.02 cm *13.4 mDisney Die-cast
Figures (Risk set)1001.8 cm (average height) *1.8 m (est.)Risk
First Order AT-ST1028.73 cm (height)8.89 mDisney Galaxy's Edge
Resistance A-wing1037.48 cm7.68 mTomica Die-cast
B-wing10915.49 cm *16.9 mDisney Die-cast
First Order AT-ST1137.9 cm (height)8.89 mTomica Die-cast
TIE/es Echelon1178.7 cm10.2 mDisney Galaxy's Edge
AT-ST1297 cm (height)9.04 mGaloob X-ray Fleet
U-wing13018.4 cm23.99 mSega
TIE Bomber1445.43 cm7.8 mGaloob X-ray Fleet
AT-ST1486.118 cm (height) *9.04 mCommand
AT-AT15015 cm (height) *22.5 mDisney Die-cast
Slave I17012.543 cm (width) *21.3 m13.8 cm (height) *Disney Die-cast
Resistance Y-wing17110.64 cm18.17 mDisney Galaxy's Edge
AT-ACT17718 cm (height)31.85 mSega
Millennium Falcon17919.4 cm *34.75 mDisney Die-cast
Phantom1846.344 cm *11.63 mCommand
Intersytem Transport Ship18711.39 cm21.3 mDisney Galaxy's Edge
Rancor2172.3 cm (height) *5 mRisk
AT-TE2197.072 cm (sans guns) *15.5 m (est.)Command
B-wing2357.2 cm16.9 mGaloob X-ray Fleet
Republic Gunship2407.08 cm (wingspan) *17 mCommand
Snowspeeder2652 cm *5.3 m1.7 cm (width) *Risk
TIE Fighter2682.7 cm *7.24 m3D Chess Game
X-wing2984.5 cm *13.4 m3D Chess Game
First Order AT-AT3326.63 cm (height)22.03 mTomica Die-cast
AT-AT3546.35 cm (height) *22.5 mCommand
3772.4 cm (height) *9.04 mRisk
AAT4372.1 cm *9.19 mRisk
Juggernaut Turbo Tank24702 cm *49.4 mRisk
Imperial Star Destroyer701822.8 cm *1600 mDisney Die-cast
First Order Dreadnought1992138.5 cm7669.71 mVerizon

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - see my analysis


  1. Nice stuff. I was looking for West End Games miniature scale. Couldn’t see them anywhere, but you had Fantasy Flight which are a bit smaller I think…

    • Thank you! Sadly, I never collected and WEG minis. If you can get me sizes, I can scale them.

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