Star Wars Model Kits scale list

Below I have a list of all of the styrene plastic, resin, and 3D-printed models I've owned, built, held, thrown, etc. There aren’t many companies offering Star Wars models as licensing is a tricky issue. However, I’ll give you a rundown of the most common.

Styrene plastic:

  • Bandai replaced Fine Molds in 2014 - snap-kits, great fit and detail, figures, decals & stickers
  • Fine Molds – released in the mid-2000s - great detail, unpainted, waterslide decals, figures
  • MPC or AMT or AMT/Ertl – old kits from late 70’s and early 80’s. Detail was bare, but many were used in studio scale models. AMT also released several Episode I and Episode III models
  • Revell – usually pre-painted & snap together with simplified detail. Figures were usually rubbery and scale is often OFF.

Resin or 3D Prints:

  • Anigrand – unique subjects & capital ships - great detail, extra smaller kits packaged alongside, decals, clear canopies &  very hard to find now
  • Cosmos Models resin and 3D-printed kits
  • JPG Castings – high-quality kits - great detail, includes decals, lots of diorama pieces, wide variety
  • Mel Miniatures – 3D prints, only available on Shapeways
  • MyT Freighter Co 3D prints of modular freighters, available on Etsy
  • Odyssey Slipways – small kits, sold as accessories to larger ships
  • Scale Solutions – unique offerings, available on Etsy
  • SMT – early 2000’s - great kits, interesting subjects, hard to find now
  • Utar Ships Awesome collection of resin kits made form 3D prints, most are in Armada sizes
  • Zarkus – unique kits with great detail, very hard to find

Lastly, a lot of official sizes have changed over the years. New A-wing and TIE official sizes knock these off of the standard 1/72 or 1/144 scales (see links). It's not a huge issue, but it explains the scales below. Enjoy!

Notes on individual scales & references at the bottom.

A [ * ] indicates these measurements were taken by others

Styrene Kits

VesselMakerScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Imperial Speeder BikeBandai1227.7 cm3.3 m
Tie Advanced x1Revell Easykit3616 cm5.8 m
SnowspeederFine Molds4511.8 cm5.3 m
AT-STBandai4918.5 cm (height est.)9.04 m
T-70 X-wingRevell Level 25025 cm12.49 m
A-wingBandai5113.5 cm *6.9 m
SnowspeederRevell pocket kit5310 cm5.3 m
Jedi Interceptor Eta-2Revell pocket kit559.93 cm5.47 m
TIE InterceptorBandai6312.15 cm7.7 m2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE Advanced x1Bandai688.5 cm5.8 m2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE InterceptorFine Molds7011 cm7.7 m1.99 cm (viewport)
Slave I Fine Molds7130.5 cm (height)21.5 m
Razor CrestRevell7233.7 cm24.38 m
TIE/sfBandai729.26 cm6.69 m2.13 cm (viewport)
TIE FighterBandai7210.1 cm7.24 m2.23 cm (viewport)
TIE StrikerBandai7223.8 cm17.18 m1.915 cm (viewport)
Y-wingBandai7222.5 cm *16.24 m
TIE InterceptorRevell pocket kit7710 cm7.7 m1.64 cm (viewport)
X-wingBandai7717.3 cm *13.4 m
Tie Advanced x1Fine Molds787.47 cm5.8 m1.99 cm (viewport)
Jedi Starfighter Delta-7Revell pocket kit8010 cm8.99 m
Millennium FalconFine Molds8043.18 cm34.75 m
TIE FighterFine Molds818.91 cm7.24 m1.99 cm (viewport)
TIE Advanced x1Revell pocket kit827.08 cm5.8 m1.68 cm (viewport)
U-wingRevell8628 cm23.99 m
AT-TERevell9416.5 cm (sans guns)15.5 m (est.)
Imperial ShuttleRevell10319.4 cm *20 m
A-wingBandai1046.64 cm6.9 m
Upsilon-class ShuttleRevell10635 cm (wing height)37.2 m
X-wingRevell pocket kit12211 cm13.4 m
SnowspeederBandai1264.2 cm5.3 m
ARC-170Revell pocket kit12715.59 cm (width)19.85 m
Tie Advanced x1Bandai1354.31 cm5.8 m1.113 cm (viewport)
AT-ATBandai14116 cm (height)22.5 m19.2 cm (length)
TIE FighterBandai1445.03 cm7.24 m1.113 cm (viewport)
TIE StrikerBandai14411.9 cm17.18 m
TX-225 Occupier TankBandai1445.08 cm7.3 m
Y-wingBandai14411.26 cm16.24 m
Jedi Starfighter Delta-7Bandai1455.5 cm8 m
U-wingBandai14516.5 cm23.99 m
AT-STBandai1476.17 cm (height)9.04 m
X-wingBandai1568.6 cm13.4 m
Millennium FalconFine Molds15921.8 cm34.75 m
AT-ACTRevell16119.8 cm (height) *31.85 m
Millennium FalconRevell Build/Play16421.2 cm34.75 m
Republic GunshipRevell pocket kit17010 cm (wingspan)17 m
AT-M6Revell18020.1 cm (height)36.18 m
Razor CrestBandai22211 cm24.38 m
Millennium Falcon MPC Hoth Base24014.5 cm *34.75 m
Sith InfiltratorAMT/Ertl3387.85 cm26.5 m
Millennium FalconRevell pocket kit34810 cm34.75 m
Millennium FalconBandai3509.92 cm34.75 m
Rebel TransportMPC Hoth Base37524 cm *90 m
AT-M6Bandai5456.64 cm (height)36.18 m
MTTAMT/Ertl5596.43 cm35.94 m
Corellian CorvetteBandai118212.69 cm150 m
Republic CruiserAMT/Ertl17116.721 cm115 m
Imperial Star DestroyerMPC420038.1 cm *1600 m
Droid Landing ShipAMT/Ertl48447.639 cm (width)370 m
Imperial Star DestroyerRevell pocket kit1205213.276 cm1600 m
Imperial Star DestroyerBandai1460010.959 cm1600 m
ExecutorBandai10052918.9 cm19000 m

Resin and 3D Printed Kits

VesselMakerScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
AT-PTZarkus Models537.5 cm (height est.)4 m
TIE/DScale Solutions728.47 cm6.1 m
Fennec Shand's ShipCorellian Customs19215.1 cm29 m (est.)
TIE AggressorAnigrand2073.72 cm7.7 m (est.)
TIE PhantomAnigrand2316.2 cm14.3 m
Homing Spider DroidMel Miniatures2572.85 cm (leg height)7.32 m
MeCX-820 (VCX-820)MyT Freighter Co26012.73 cm33.1 m (est.)
Nova CourierMel Miniatures26711.23 cm30 m
Zeta-class Cargo ShuttleMel Miniatures27013.16 cm35.5 m
Eta Republic ShuttleMel Miniatures2735.2 cm (sans guns)14.2 m
Bantha Assault ShuttleWild Shipyards3648.78 cm32 m (est.)
T-6 Jedi ShuttleMel Miniatures3786.03 cm22.8 m8.041 cm (height)
D5 MantisMel Miniatures3958.61 cm (sans guns)34 m (est.)
AT-AAMel Miniatures5013.59 cm18 m
MC19 Light FreighterMel Miniatures6144.885 cm30 m (est.)
Sentinel Landing CraftWesJanson3D13102.9 cm38 m
Nebulon-B FrigateAnigrand209614.316 cm300 m
MC30c FrigateCosmos Models226625.6 cm580 m
Corellian CorvetteAnigrand27555.445 cm150 m
Free Virgillia BunkerbusterMel Miniatures36968.55 cm316.05 m
Arquitens Light CruiserOdyssey Slipways41117.905 cm325 m
MC30c FrigateUtar Ships429013.52 cm580 m
Wavecrest FrigateWesJanson3D46948.522 cm400 m
Vakbeor Cargo FrigateMel Miniatures51339.68 cm496.92 m
Nebulon-C FrigateMel Miniatures537910.21 cm549.17 m
Liberator CruiserUtar Ships567510.572 cm600 m (est.)
Liberator CruiserWesJanson3D585510.247 cm600 m (est.)
Vesper Class CruiserMel Miniatures670417.9 cm1200 m (est.)
MC80B Mon RemondaMel Miniatures690417.38 cm1200 m
Bulwark Mark III CruiserMel Miniatures1136422 cm2500 m

Notes on Estimated Sizes

AT-TE - see my analysis

Bantha Assault Shuttle - based on images from comics and MetaNerdz analysis.

D5 Mantis - I think Bioware doubled the sizes of their ships so more players could fit on board. Ideally, I think this ship is closer to the Falcon's size, so I halved the 68 meter official reference to 34 m. This makes it closer to scale with the Fantasy Flight Falcon. If you want to go with the official size, double the reference and double the scale.

Liberator Cruiser - sources claim it's small, but carries 72 starfighters. 600 meters sets it at the same size as the Gladiator Star Destroyer and makes it fit most Armada ship scales.

MC19 Light Freighter - I just picked a number, no idea how big it is. I chose something larger than the MC18.

MeCX-820 (VCX-820) - assuming it's 1/260 as listed on Etsy, which fits the sizing of similar freighters from the X-wing line. Old canon size would make it more of a large fighter.


    • Hmm. Yeah, it should be the same model. I took the 9.2 from another source, so it’s quite possible it’s off. Is the one you have exactly 10cm?

      • Yes, its actually the latest video I did on my YT channel. Though I wouldnt call it a review, I did take a closer look at the model and the parts…in fact now that I look at the box again, there is a measurement of 92mm but it actually doesnt refer to any specific part measured. Im guessing thats where the 9.2cm comes from.

        • Ah, that’s probably where I got the measurement. You wouldn’t happen to have some calipers that you can measure the diameter of the viewport?

  1. Unfortunately no. Best thing I have is one of those stainless steel rulers. I measured the part diameter of the viewport clear piece and it comes to 2.3 cm. but I also measured the outline of that viewport on the cockpit ball and it came to 2.2cm.
    I got to say that this is a great site you got going here and its really helpful. You should look at a few of the hasbro vehicles. The modern slave 1 is just about right for 1/48 from what I remember.

    • Thanks man for the comments. I hope there’s a little something somewhere one here that can help modelers, gamers, and collectors. I try to keep up with Star Wars toys, but it can be expensive, so I often just get the small scale stuff. But you are right, a lot of the bigger toys are great models with just a little work.

  2. Hello! I wanted to let you I have really enjoyed this site so far! The scaling of different vehicles has helped me greatly in my model career so far. I could not find the scale for the Star Destroyer model from MPC/ERTL (1989), my very simple math has it about 1/4160. Star destroyer length 5,200 ft – 62,400 inches (wookipedia reference) and the model is 15″ long. Any thoughts?

    • Thanks man. Glad the site is helping you. I’ve been told the MPC kit is around 1/4200. If I calculate correctly, 15 inches is 38.1 cm and divide that by 1600 m. But at that scale, 1 mm up or down could alter it by quite a bit. Best!!

    • Yeah. Luckily, the U-wing is close to being in scale with some Micro Machine figures. And they are still decent models, just not Bandai.

  3. Question about the Y-Wing: The Star Wars site says its 23.4 meters and the Wookieepedia sight says the same thing, but also gives a measurement of 16.24 meters. Which one is actually canon?

    • Short answer, 16.24 m is canon for the basic Y-wing. The larger size is for the Clone Wars variant. The problem stems from the Databank considering the 2 versions to be the same length at 23.4 meters. But if you look at screenshots, they aren’t the same size. Luckily, the Rogue One Visual Guide corrects the Y-wing to the 16.24 m size.

    • You may be thinking of the larger version, which I think is close to 1/83. The pocket kit I have came in a small box. But also, the canon length changed for the ARC-170, which changes a lot of the scales listed on the box. Plus, I never know if the length includes the rear cannons or not (why I rely on width). So yeah…it’s very muddy. If it looks close enough, it probably is. Cheers!

  4. Hello Jonathan. Just a heads up but the TIE interceptor has a new length listed. It shows up on Wookieepedia via a wood model kit book (2016), but still listed at 9.6 meters on the official Star Wars site database.

    • Oh wow, 11.45m for the Interceptor. That’s very odd. And they upped Vader’s TIE to 11.05 meters. I think I’ll leave what I have currently, but I’ll make note of these. That just seems way too big. Thanks though!

  5. Hello, I have two revell models, Advanced Tie Fighter (17cm width) and Tie Fighter (15 cm width) that not appears on the chart

    • Depends on what you want to do. I love the Cross-Sections books for general details and such. The “Art of” books are great for inspiration. If you want the absolute best reference for the original ILM models, the Japanese-only Star Wars Chronicles: Episode IV, V, VI vehicles is amazing, but hard to find. Best!

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