Star Wars Size Analyses

A look into what I estimate are "truer" sizes of Star Wars vehicles


Because I like writing, and TIME won't publish me.

But mainly, it's because I estimate many of the vehicle sizes in my Scale Lists (they have "est" next to them).

While I agree with most of the official dimensions, I take issue with certain ones that just don't quite add up (looking at you Home One). A lot of these issues are due to disproportionate models from the original trilogy, forced perspective shots, and West End Games making up whatever sizes they liked in the 80s. Rogue One helped because designers had to recreate digital scaled models, but there are still some issues.

So, if you're ready for some deep-dives into Star Wars lore, background shots, cross-sections, and a lot of math, please check out the articles. Just don't throw me to the Sarlacc if you disagree. This is all for fun anyway. Lastly, if you have suggestions or comments regarding the sizes of Star Wars ships, feel free to email me.


Official Ship Sizes - a look into old vs new official sizes and reasons behind the changes

Individual Ship Articles

A-wing - shorter than official sizes?
AT-TE - using the leg joints to estimate size, kinda
Home One - using the hangar to suggest double the listed length
The Moldy Crow - comparisons of screenshots and comic book appearances
TIE Fighter - using the canopy diameter as the basis for my scale calculations
TIE Phantom - an image from the original designer shows the actual size
Y-wing - a look at the Clone Wars, Rebels, and OT variants

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