AT-TE Size

The good ole "six legs" size issue

"Get the Tanks down!"

The AT-TE is probably the most unique walker in all of Star Wars, and one of my favorites, even surpassing the AT-AT. It's one that is definitely worth a second look, especially if you can find a loop of it walking. The movement is like a beetle on steroids. However, like a lot of the vehicles I write about, it has some size issues (seriously, what doesn't at this point).

Initially, the Cross-Sections guide established the AT-TE's size as 12.4 meters long for the hull (13.2 including the guns) and 5.32 meters tall. Perfect for the dwarf Clone Brigade.

Later, the Databank changed that to 22.02 meters long and 9.7 meters tall. This came about from scaling it in Clone Wars/Rebels to humans.

Now, I can accept the new length without any issues, except one: miniatures tend to have disproportionate cannons. So, that gives me issues with length. And I really hate trying to line up the cannons and the feet to get a total length. Seriously, it's like trying to put a onesie on a baby, but the baby has six feet and a mass driver cannon.

Ergo, for this tank, it's easier to measure just the "tank" part, not the feet or the guns. And here's where the fun begins.

AT-Ease Trooper

It's probably worth noting that the AT-TE wasn't built for comfort, despite carrying 20 fully armed Clones. Additionally, the AT-TE had at least 7 crew members: 2 pilots, 4 interior gunners, and the exterior "I didn't sign up for the this" gunner seat. One source suggests it had a vehicle commander inside the AT-TE, who probably coordinated attacks with other units. And from The Clone Wars TV-series, we know the rear could drop the Clone compartment for 2 folded-up AT-RT walkers.

Now, this seems like a lot, especially when you consider the walk-space needed inside each half of the walker, as well as the crawlspace connecting the halves. However, the seating arrangements are fairly cramped, especially in the cockpit area. The canon 22.02 meters seems like a lot. At that length, it would be longer than the Lambda Shuttle.

Animated Antics

Does the animated walker match up with the live-action model?

In short, yes.

Now, there are a lot of differences in details, especially around the legs and underside, but for the most part, both models seem to be same size. The line-drawings of the cockpit do seem a little too small compared to the pilots, but not by much. Lastly, the AT-RT stowage seems weird, but those were very small walkers, and they folded up completely for storage.

I think you get a really good semblance of the AT-TE size from the Rebels episode "The Lost Commanders" where you see a side-on shot of the AT-TE and Kanan Jarrus standing not too far from it. His height is notably taller than Clonetroopers, but still isn't taller than the first circular leg joint on the rear legs.

Also, there's a short sequence at the beginning of "Mercy Mission" where you see Clones loading cargo and an AT-RT onto the AT-TE's ramp, as well as technicians walking around the feet. Most importantly, this episode shows a minimum of 3.5 meters clearance for the AT-RT to walk under its larger cousin.

Bad Batch features several great shots of an AT-TE using an updated 3D model in the episode "Common Ground". However, none of the shots are at a good angle with a Clone directly in line with the feet.

A Joint Operation

Even with all of the information we have, the only consistent shots are of troops standing next to the smaller leg joints, aka the circular rotating piece above the foot. Kanan stands a little more than 3/4 of the way up the circular joint. Clones stand just under that depending on the source. Of course, most of those stills have the Clones kneeling slightly. Again, this is very subjective.

However, let's assume Clones stand a little under 3/4 of the way up the circular joint, which matches most pics. From that we can estimate everything else. I did all of the nerdy calculations on the right, but essentially, 15.5 meters for the hull is average.

I say average because depending upon how many pixels you make the Clonetrooper, the AT-TE's hull changes. I would say 14.3 meters is minimum, and 16.7 meters is at the max end. Hence, the dead center is 15.5 meters.

And with that I have to redo all of my scales for the AT-TE. Yay

It's also worth noting that he canon 22.02 meter full length would make Clones stand halfway up the leg joint. The canon hull length of 13.2 meters would make Clones stand to the top of the joint. So, neither of those is correct.

And now I'm very tired.