TIE Phantom Size

aka the Phantom V38 Assault Starfighter TIE/ph blah bla-blah

Must Have Headroom

It's 14.3 meters.

In short, a friend reached out to one of the original designers of the TIE Phantom for Rebel Assault II. He shared this image to the right showing a 14.3 meter length. This became the basis for the cutscenes and gameplay.

Now, this may seem a little large compared to most other TIE starfighters, which are usually under 9m. However, keep in mind that the TIE Scimitar is 13.8 meters, and the more recent TIE Striker is a whopping 17.18 meters. All 3 of these ships were not only more advanced than standard TIEs, but required a crew of 2 to operate. By just looking at the screenshots from Rebel Assault II, you can consider the size based on people standing near it.

  • People can stand directly under the center hull without bumping their head.
  • Pilots require an elevator to ascend to the cockpit.
  • While they must duck a little, they don't have to couch too much to get into their seats.
  • Both Rebel pilots lift their helmets directly above their heads without hitting the canopy.

In looking at the screenshots with X-wing in frame, the TIE Phantom appears smaller. However, it is also worth pointing out that the wingtip cannons jut out about 1 meter from the wings by themselves. If you take off the cannons & pointy wingtips, then it becomes about the same length as an X-wing if not shorter. Take off the wings entirely and the hull is shorter than an A-wing. Essentially, it's the shape of the ship that makes it look shorter than it actually is.

And that concludes the sizing of the Phantom V38 Assault Starfighter TIE/ph experimental thingy.

Official TIE Phantom size

Official TIE Phantom size

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