Star Wars Wizards of the Coast scale list

Wizards of the Coast (WotC) is gaming company, famous for Magic:TCG and Dungeons and Dragons. Their Star Wars miniatures line started in 2004 as a tabletop roleplaying game. Primarily, their miniatures consisted of figures (roughly 1/48 scale), but also contained creatures, vehicles, and starships (in their Starships of the Galaxy release).

These minis are usually made of a rubbery-plastic, but a few larger vehicles have hard plastic bodies (TIE Crawler & Viscount for example). In 2010, WotC decided not to renew their Star Wars license, so it’s doubtful we will ever see anymore miniatures in this range.

The rubbery-plastic suffers notoriously from warping. Even brand new figures can arrive warped. Most of this can be fixed with a heat and cool method. Just heat up the plastic with a hairdryer or hot water, reshape, and then dip them in cold water. The cold water should "harden" the new positions. While this should fix most warping problems, I will warn you that the Star Destroyer is beyond repair.

2 Legion, 2 WotC, 2 Imperial Assault

VesselScaleMeasured SizeReferenceNotes
Grievous' Wheel Bike435.8 cm (height)2.5 m
Crab Droid463.22 cm (width)1.49 m
Figures493.6 cm (average height)1.77 m (est.)
TIE Crawler5811.56 cm6.7 m
AT-RT645.37 cm (height)3.45 m
Dwarf Spider Droid712.8 cm (height sans antenna)1.98 m
Vulture Droid808.69 cm6.96 mWalking version
Persuader Tank Droid1139.7 cm10.96 m
Jedi Interceptor1832.99 cm5.47 m
Droid Tri-Fighter1872.89 cm5.4 m
Grievous' Starfighter2402.79 cm6.71 m
Vulture Droid2442.85 cm6.96 m
A-wing2512.75 cm6.9 m
V-wing2563.09 cm7.9 m
Geonosian Starfighter2613.76 cm9.8 m
Naboo Starfighter2644.17 cm11 m
Jedi Starfighter2643.03 cm8 m
Fanblade Starfighter2775.19 cm (height)14.4 m
TIE Interceptor2772.78 cm7.7 m4.6 mm (viewport)
Techno Union Starfighter2893.7 cm10.7 m
B-wing3055.54 cm16.9 m
TIE Bomber3062.55 cm7.8 m6 mm (viewport)
X-wing3553.77 cm13.4 m
P-38 Magnaguard Fighter3583.55 cm12.7 m
Y-wing3774.31 cm16.24 m
Cloakshape Fighter3993.76 cm15 m
Slave I4734.55 cm (height)21.5 m
Sith Infiltrator5085.22 cm26.5 m
Theta-class Shuttle5493.36 cm18.5 m
Outrider7402.52 cm18.65 m
Rebel Transport14696.128 cm90 m
Republic Cruiser17876.436 cm115 m
Wild Karrde18806.649 cm125 m
Corellian Corvette23626.351 cm150 m
Nebulon-B Frigate42657.034 cm300 m
Rebel Assault Frigate78948.867 cm700 m
Munificent Frigate803210.272 cm825 m
Acclamator Assault Ship81129.27 cm752 m
Invisible Hand10772
10.1 cm1088 m
Venator Star Destroyer1088310.613 cm1155 m
MC80 Liberty-class1120410.71 cm1200 m
Recusant Destroyer1125710.545 cm1187 m
Imperial Star Destroyer1442711.09 cm1600 m
MC80 Home One-class2446713.079 cm3200 m (est.)
Droid Control Ship2826410.646 cm (width)3009 m
Viscount Star Defender10059216.9 cm17 km

Notes on Estimated Sizes

MC-80 Home One-class - based on stills from RotJ and Empire At War suggesting double the length of a Star Destroyer


    • They are small vinyl-plastic ships instead of die-cast like the Titaniums. The starfighters are quite small, but the capital ships are roughly Titanium-size.

  1. Actually I have been looking at 2 pictures of Home One and get a very different size.
    The two pictures I am reference are:
    1) The one where the imperial shuttle is leaving Home One through the starboard side bay. Which I put at about 28m tall or so
    2) The side shot photo of the Filming model of Home One where the bay is visible.
    Based on the estimated 30m tall bay opening I get something in the neighborhood of 2Km. This is all very rough of course.

    • Yeah, it’s a hard one to pinpoint the correct size. I’m determined that it’s larger than the Liberty-class and larger than the ISD. I like the analysis you did. I’m still hoping we get something more official someday. I also found this pic, but it’s more Legends-era.

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