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2021 France-Released Altaya Diecast Collectibles

In 2021, Altaya or De Agostini started a new line of diecast models, similar to the older De Agostini line. Primarily sold in France as a subscription, this new Star Wars Altaya Miniatures line is quite a bit larger. Fortunately, I made a buddy who subscribed to the line for me and send me the models to the US. They come in simple packaging, but also include magazines (in French) about the ships.

Below, I detail the Altaya ships as they are released. Some are better than others, while some leave a little to be desired. Note: I chose NOT to collect the Millennium Falcon and Death Star.

Luckily, I'm happy with Star Wars Altaya line, as they are doing some ships never before released. If you have any questions about the line, feel free to message me. We also regularly discuss these on the Rebelscum forums.

If you are curious about their scales or sizes, that information is on the Altaya Scale List.

2 – TIE Advanced X1

The whole body is a little stretched, but the detail is nice. You get a full interior, but no opening cockpit. And there's no detail at all for the 4 thrusters.

3 – Poe’s X-wing

I love the super dark grey they used; it looks phenomenal. The whole ship is perfectly detailed, even the wing edges. No complaints.

4 – Imperial Star Destroyer

Surface detail and panel lines are way oversized. However, this a Devastator class, which you don't often see. I also love the thruster details.

5 – AT-AT

Overall, the AT-AT is pretty awesome. The leg and rear greeble detail is great.

6 – Imperial Shuttle

The cockpit seems a little oversized, but everything else is great. I love the weathered look. The engine detail and ALL laser turrets are great.

8 – Boba Fett’s Slave I

Boba is upset. The paint looks bluish instead of off-white. Worst of all, the panel lines are raised and ugly. Honestly, the rear looks better than the front.

9 – Razor Crest

Metallic color looks off in areas, but overall detail is nice, especially the open areas in the thrusters. Canopy panels are poorly done though IMO.

10 – Snowspeeder

Detail is pretty good, but the canopy has no panel line showing where it meets the hull. Also, mine had a terribly warped left side of the canopy.

11 – AT-ST

I'd take the Bandai kit over this one. Detail isn't bad, but the pose looks like it's about to fall over. However, it does show the pivoting feet that I talk about.

12 – A-wing

The A-wing is really big and has excellent detail. The red is very bright though. However, the greebling on the engines is amazing.

13 – Tantive IV

The Blockade Runner is alright. It's not much bigger than the Titanium. You do get the individual barrels for the main turbolasers, but no the smaller side cannons.

14 – AT-TE

The AT-TE is decent. Paint job is unexciting, and the large 2 legs are swinging forward and back oddly. The rest of the detail is pretty good though.

15 – First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Detail is really nice on this one. I think they have a full interior. However, mind was missing the thick ring around the port wing strut.

16 – Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Chrome and proportions are awesome. The canopy looks like it's about to pop off, and a lot of the chrome had scratch off as well.

17 – B-wing

I love the B-wing, so I'm biased. This one is decent though. Detail is great, but paint job is so-so. Plus the panel lines are oversized.

18 – The Khetanna (Sail Barge)

Surprisingly I love this one. The metallic brown color is amazing. I love the railing detail, the sails, and the golden deck gun. Best Sail Barge out there.

19 – Y-Wing

The piping is oversized, and the ion turret is way off. However, it's still a pretty decent model.

20 – Eta-2 Jedi Interceptor

The Eta-2 is REALLY big, but doesn't really do much for me. I do like that R2 is facing forward unlike most models.

21 – Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing

I LOVE the weathering on the X-wing. The lasers aren't rotated correctly, but overall a nice ship.

22 – Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle

Despite being small, this one is pretty nice. However, I'd prefer the Command Shuttle from Fantasy Flight's X-wing line.

23 – Gungan Bongo Submarine

Another surprising release. I love the interior detail, and the fins look amazing.

24 – TIE Interceptor

I'm not a huge fan. They used grey instead of the blue. And the laser cannons are not long enough and look off.

25 – AT-M6

The AT-M6 has some great detail, and I love the pose. It should be a darker color though, and one side blaster tip had broken off.

26 – Delta-7 Jedi Starfighter

Pretty nice overall. The colors are great, and the weathering is just right.

27 – Sandcrawler

The color doesn't look right, but I like it anyway. It would look great based on a desert diorama.

28 – Trade Federation AAT

Not bad, but not great. A lot of the parts were popping out and poorly fitted. Turret did rotate slightly.

29 – Resistance Ski Speeder

Honestly, this is one of my favorites. The detail and paint job are phenomenal. I only wish there was a little more room to put a figure since it's MGS sized.

30 – ARC-170 Starfighter

I was kinda disappointed. Some detail is nice, but the main wings are too thick and look like they were cut out with a cookie cutter.

31 – TIE Fighter

This is a TIE modeled from Rogue I, Mandalorian, et al. with they smaller canopy window. The blue is too dark IMO.

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