Star Wars Altaya Miniatures Archives

New Republic Era Ships

Below are all of the New Republic Era ships and vehicles, including designs from Mandalorian and Book of Boba Fett. So far, this is the smallest group of releases, but I anticipate it will increase over time.

Next to each ship, I list the Altaya Issue Number for reference.

3 - Poe's X-wing

I love the super dark grey they used; it looks phenomenal. The whole ship is perfectly detailed, even the wing edges. No complaints.

9 – Razor Crest

Metallic color looks off in areas, but overall detail is nice, especially the open areas in the thrusters. Canopy panels are poorly done though IMO.

15 – First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter

Detail is really nice on this one. I think they have a full interior. However, mind was missing the thick ring around the port wing strut.

22 – Kylo Ren’s Command Shuttle

Despite being small, this one is pretty nice. However, I'd prefer the Command Shuttle from Fantasy Flight's X-wing line.

25 – AT-M6

The AT-M6 has some great detail, and I love the pose. It should be a darker color though, and one side blaster tip had broken off.

29 – Resistance Ski Speeder

Honestly, this is one of my favorites. The detail and paint job are phenomenal. I only wish there was a little more room to put a figure since it's MGS sized.

Bonus Issues – Rey’s Speeder

I love the overall color of this one, which is different from what we saw on film. I also LOVE they used actual string netting on the side.

34 – TIE Whisper

Overall, I'm not as impressed. The TIE Whisper is quite small here, but I do think the hull detail is great.

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