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2022 Jazwares Action Fleet-inspired line

In 2022, toy company Jazwares announced a new line of collectible Star Wars toys called Micro Galaxy Squadron. This new line is very reminiscent of Galoob's old Action Fleet line.  Every toy comes with at least 1 poseable figure and an array of "action" features like opening wings, extendable landing gear, and opening cockpits.

Micro Galaxy Squadron figures have poseable arms and legs and are roughly 1" tall or 1/72 scale. The ships however vary from 1/50-ish to nearly 1/200 in scale.

Sculpts and details are usually very good, even if the paint doesn't always show it. Weathering is often overdone, like a coffee wash, but it can be removed with isopropyl alcohol. Because they are plastic, they are easy to modify. Moreover, the 1/72 scale figures are great for mixing with other model kits lines.

I have exclusive ships photographed at the bottom of this page, like SDCC, whereas each series has it's own page.

Many Thanks to Kevin Tanner for sharing this live spreadsheet of all releases.

Micro Galaxy Squadron List

Micro Galaxy Squadron List

Series Pages

- Series 1 - X-wing, FanBlade, TIE Fighter variants , Falcon, Slave I, AT-ST, Razor Crest and more

- Series 2 - Havoc Marauder, Jedi Starfighters, AAT, LAAT, A-wing, Gauntlet Fighter and more

- Series 3 - Gunship repaints, Podracers, V-wing, Inquisitor Scythe, Jedi Interceptors and more

- Series 4 - AT-AT, Lambda Shuttle, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Y-wing, Vulture Droids and more

- Series 5 - B-wing, U-wing, Desert Skiff, Gungan Sub, holo X-wing, lots of unique figures, and more

- Series 6 - unknown (probably Ghost and AT-TE)

2022 SDCC Hologram TIE Fighter



  • entirely molded in transparent blue
  • same features as Series 1 TIE Fighter
  • poseable TIE Pilot

Despite this being a really hard to come by SDCC exclusive, I really love it. The transparent blue makes it look like a hologram. You can even see the spring on the underside that helps you eject the TIE Pilot. Only 500 were made.

2023 SDCC Hologram Speeder Bike



  • entirely molded in transparent blue
  • same features as Series 1 Speeder Bike
  • poseable Scout Trooper

I know, I know - I paid too much for it. And it's really small. But I do love this little thing. The packaging was really cool too I thought.

2023 SDCC Storyboard Series



  • all feature unique storyboard stylized paint jobs
  • same features as previous releases
  • poseable Rebel Pilot, R2 Unit, A-wing Pilot, TIE Pilot

So, I was very fortunate to have an amazing friend get me these at SDCC. They are truly amazing works of art. Molded in white, each features black and grey painted details that mimic the look of storyboard concepts. The paintwork on the canopies shows highlights and shiny areas that catch the light. Lower sections feature darker shades to indicate shadows.

The figures are equally amazing with unique schemes that look like pencil drawings. I especially like the way the TIE Pilot looks with the grey uniform and white Imperial logo.

For each ship, they created a unique clear box with concept art on the back inspired by Return of the Jedi. The cardboard sleeves show additional artwork and storyboard drawings. I believe they conceived all of the artwork specifically for these releases. Once you remove them form the boxes, the ships are hard to get back into place. Yet, with a little work, you can replace them and display them however you want.


Galaxy's Edge Millennium Falcon



  • same features as Series 1 Millennium Falcon, except with rectangular dish
  • poseable Chewbacca, Hondo Ohnaka, Vi Moradi, R5-P8

Though this was only released at the Galaxy's Edge park, what made this set great was the figures. I had a friend get one for me just to have a Hondo minifigure. Yet, all of the figures are great, especially the R5 unit with the shark tooth markings.

Jazwares Vault Battle of Hoth



  • AT-AT with snow scheme
  • Snowspeeders (Rogue Leader & Rogue Two)
  • Imperial Speeder Bikes (2)
  • 2 stands for bikes & cable for Luke
  • poseable Luke Skywalker, Dak Ralter, Zev Senesca, Kit Valent, AT-AT Driver, General Veers, Snowtroopers (2)

This the Vault Exclusive set. The vehicles are the same as previous releases but with slightly different paint jobs. Luke's Snowspeeder has the orange markings and the blast marks. For the AT-AT, they added a really dark wash and snow splotches that look like cupcake frosting. I really don't like the wash; it just looks wrong since ILM didn't apply washes anyway.

However, the figures are amazing. The helmet details are truly amazing. And I think the AT-AT Driver looks better this time around. Finally, the background they included is pretty awesome.

Jazwares Vault Battle of Endor Pack



  • AT-ST in Endor mud scheme
  • Ewok Hang Glider
  • Imperial Speeder Bikes (3, one is battle-damaged)
  • 4 stands for bikes and hang glider
  • poseable Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, Ewok, AT-ST Driver, Scout Trooper

Firstly, there's nothing new in this set in terms of molds. There is a new paint job for the AT-ST and Ewok, and the paint detail is newer and better on the other figures. However, the best part of this set is the Return of the Jedi packaging, which mirrors the VHS box from the 90s. It is an amazing display piece, and the price isn't that bad.


    • Most of series 1 is still easy to find. Even the rares/chases aren’t too hard, especially on Facebook. Series 2 is very difficult to find though. It seems to have had the worst distribution, particularly for Sabine’s TIE.

  1. Are you going to do reviews on the new Episode I ships? I picked up a Naboo fighter and really like how they did the droid compartment—better than AF.

    • Oh, I’ll definitely be taking photos and writing my thoughts when I eventually get them. I’ve also very excited to get my U-wing when Amazon ships it.

  2. Why do people keep the mini figures but try and resell the ships? I get it that the figures are cool and worth collecting, but what’s the draw to those over the vehicles?

    • No idea. Now, I did end up selling my Gauntlet, but keeping the Bo-Katan figure. Most of the time, if I sell something, I include the figures.

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