Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Series 2

2022 Jazwares Action Fleet-inspired line

Micro Galaxy Squadron Series 2 introduced a lot of Clone Wars favorites. We have Ahsoka's Starfighter, as well as the miniscule but amazing Yoda's Jedi Starfighter. Several of the Blind Box vehicles were Clone Wars inspired. For larger vehicles, we received Jango's Slave I, the Havoc Marauder, and the LAAT Republic Gunship. Despite the built-in play features, I thought all of these were nice additions.

For the Original Trilogy era, we got Hera's A-wing, but it was unfortunately a Resistance A-wing model. I was very upset about that one. They also gave us a Snowspeeder with tow cable, and the included artwork featured an AT-AT. To round out the Chase ships, we have Sabine's repainted TIE Fighter and Antoc Merrick or Blue Leader from Rogue One.

I was pleased with Series 2, especially that it branched out more. Fans of any Star Wars era could be pleased with what came out.

Series 2 Blind Boxes



  • BARC Speeder - Clone Trooper
  • Bad Batch AT-RT - Hunter
  • STAP - Battle Droid
  • Imperial Speeder Bike - Princess Leia
  • 712-AvA Speeder Bike - Din Djarin
  • STAP - Anakin Skywalker
  • Escape Pod - R2-D2
  • BARC - Obi-Wan Kenobi

Essentially, these are army builder Blind Boxes. I enjoyed the STAP and BARC speeders. The Escape Pod was a nice inclusion, but we'll have to see if it will fit a C-3PO figure. However, I didn't care for another Imperial Speeder Bike or the wider Mandalorian Speeder Bike, even though Grogu was molded on the side. Now, I did love the figure selection. Hunter is amazingly detailed with a glued-on backpack, which will pop off with a little work. For details, Leia even has her watch! And both Anakin and Obi-Wan look fantastic in their Clone Wars armor.

Anakin Skywalker's STAP and the Escape Pod are both Rare with Obi-Wan on his BARC as the Chase.

Yoda's Jedi Starfighter



  • opening cockpit
  • retractable landing gear (3)
  • opening wings (4)
  • poseable Yoda and R2-D2

Despite it's small size, Yoda's Starfighter is my favorite Starfighter-class ship in this wave. It packs a lot of detail and features for a ship so small. And it's really nice to get a Yoda figure that fits in the cockpit.

TIE Fighter (Battle Damage)



  • same features as Series 1 TIE Fighter
  • new battle-damaged wing
  • poseable TIE Pilot

This is a strange one and very unnecessary. The battle damage looks more like lava spills. One interesting note is that the canopy frame is painted in a grey tone.

Hera's A-wing



  • opening cockpit
  • retractable landing gear
  • poseable Hera Syndulla

I loved the idea of getting Hera's A-wing since it's such a unique scheme, and I love Rebels. But this isn't it. Unfortunately, they took a Resistance RZ-2 A-wing and repainted it. It doesn't even have rotating blasters. However, Hera does look awesome, and she even has her boot blaster. For me, the figure is worth buying this.

Sabine's TIE Fighter



  • same features as Series 1 TIE Fighter
  • Sabine's "artistic" style (wings are mirrored)
  • poseable Sabine Wren

Sabine's TIE came out masterfully. The colors look great, and they even got the checkerboard pattern despite the Rebels TIE being very different. Sabine herself looks fantastic with her season 1 colors. They did not include a jet pack, and sadly the wings are mirrored instead of being unique.



  • opening cockpit
  • opening top hatch
  • rotating/rising main gun
  • rotating side blasters
  • clear rolling wheels on bottom
  • poseable B1 Battle Droid

The AAT looks great overall. The weathering is just enough, and I love the inclusion of the forward driver's cockpit. The only real downsides are the poorly molded lower front blasters next to the cockpit. Also, unlike the Action Fleet version, there are no rivets or handholds for the figures.




  • opening cockpit
  • retractable landing gear
  • pull out tow cable with hook
  • underside wheel retracts cable
  • slide on cooling fins opens either air brake
  • poseable Luke Skywalker and Dak Ralter

The Snowspeeder is one action-packed miniature with a lot of differences from the Action Fleet version. I like the incorporation of the tow cable. However, I do wish I could open the air brakes without them being linked to the sliding mechanism.

Bo-Katan's Gauntlet Fighter



  • opening cockpit
  • retractable landing gear
  • rotating center hull
  • wings rotate up for landing position
  • poseable Bo-Katan

So, I'm really torn on this one. The detail is phenomenal, and it captures the digital model ILM used for live-action perfectly. However, it's way too small, and it's missing the blue highlights Bo-Katan's version had in the Mandalorian. Essentially, this is the non-blue, barebones version seen in TROS (which is different than the larger Clone Wars or Rebels versions).

The tips of the wings are rubbery for safety reasons; thus the wings may experience warping. YET, Bo-Katan looks AMAZING and is worth the cost alone in my opinion.

Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter



  • same features as Series 1 Jedi Starfighter
  • new Ahsoka style-paint job
  • poseable Ahsoka Tano (season 3-5) and R7-A7

Ahsoka's starfighter is a really great model with excellent paintwork. The reddish color is a bit darker than what we saw in The Clone Wars, but the markings are spot on. R7 is molded in red with painted highlights, and Ahsoka looks fantastic.

The final photo shows a custom 3D-printed stand made by Kevin Tanner.

Blue Leader's X-wing



  • same features as Series 1 X-wing
  • new Blue Leader paint job
  • poseable Antoc Merrick and R2-SHW

Blue Leader looks phenomenal in my opinion. The paint job is superb. And I love that there is less weathering this time around. Both Antoc and his R2 unit look great. Lastly, the thruster outlets have a reddish paint to look like engine glow.

Havoc Marauder



  • opening cockpit with 2 seats
  • opening rear gunner pod
  • swivel rear blaster turret
  • fold-out wings
  • opening side hatch
  • 2 swivel seats
  • bed has post for Omega to lie down
  • bed also has Tooka doll molded on
  • opening landing gear (3)
  • poseable Wrecker and Omega

As a big fan of Bad Batch, I really love having a Havoc Marauder. The attention to detail is great, and the size makes it on par with the 1/144 AMT kit. I love the bed for Omega with a molded Tooka doll and fabric curtain. Overall proportions look excellent. Wrecker looks great has a backpack that you could probably pop off if you wanted.

The downside is that with the size, you can't fit all the figures, and the interior is quite small overall. With the backpacks on, they definitely don't fit very well.

Republic LAAT Gunship



  • opening cockpit
  • rotating front blasters and rear blaster
  • swiveling wing beam turrets (2)
  • opening manned beam turrets hold Clones (2)
  • opening side doors (2)
  • opening rear hatch fits speeder bikes
  • pop off top hatch over missiles
  • poseable Clone Pilot and Clonetrooper phase I

The Gunship has a lot of good and a lot of bad. I love that it fits a lot of figures. But the design is off with missile turrets resembling Ryan Church concept art and the initial model mock-up. Beyond that, the sliding doors have molded doors behind them that close off most of the interior. The weird figure pegs block off additional cargo room, and they don't pop out at all. So, even though I love the design, this one was a bust for me.

Jango Fett's Slave I



  • opening canopy
  • opening rear seismic charge hatch
  • rotating front blasters (2)
  • weighted wings rotate and rotate cockpit
  • cockpit holds 3 figures
  • pop-up door and slide-out ramp
  • opening side panel reveals interior
  • rotating weapons rack holds Jango's jetpack
  • rotating weapons rack can be mounted in 2 positions
  • poseable Jango Fett and young Boba Fett

Overall, Jango's Slave I isn't bad. Considering that the features are the same as the series 1, I really feel like the letdown here is the paint job. The base color is too white, and I some of the blue areas look poorly done. However, Jango looks amazing, and uses a DIFFERENT mold than Boba Fett. Lastly, this was the first time I noticed you can connect the weapons rack in 2 positions.

Note: Kevin Tanner designed and printed the display stand.


  1. Hi,
    I bought several of these from different places.
    The are supposed to be number #043, however three of mine have number , #116.
    Which is weird, I have tried to find model #116 to no avail. Your thoughts?

    • Hmm. I’m guessing that’s a QC error by Jazwares. I’ve seen them put the wrong figures or wrong label in for figures before. So I suppose they might use the wrong card back or print the wrong number on the card.

    • I would suggest some of the MGS groups on Facebook. Just make sure you ask for proof they have it, and only pay Paypal G/S to protect yourself. We’re seeing more scammers these days.

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