Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Series 6

2022 Jazwares Action Fleet-inspired line

With Series 5 hitting in 2024, we won't see series 6 until 2025.

We've see these confirmed for Series 6, either through pics of store listings:

  • V-19 Torrent, AT-DP, Sith Infiltrator, Azure Angel, Ghost, AT-TE, Darth Maul's Nightbrother

Here are rumors or possible releases:

  • unreleased series 5 blinds: Rey on Speeder, Durge on Speeder bike, Anakin on Swoop
  • unreleased series 5:  Geonosian Starfighter, TIE Silencer, Cloud Car
  • unnamed ship from Andor (Fondor most likely)
  • Ahsoka ships
  • Enfys Nest Speeder bike
  • Landspeeder battle pack
  • Legends or EU ships like Ebon Hawk, Virago, and others
  • X-wing repaints for Carson Teva & Max Reed
  • TIE Defender
  • Imperial Landing Craft

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