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Which for now is just the Code 3 Gunship

Code 3 - Republic Gunship

This is my first Code 3 collectible, and it was worth every penny. The detail and paintjob are amazing. But even better than that is the poseability of all of the parts. This is the by far the best model of the Republic Gunship (as seen in Attack of the Clones) that you can get. Yes, it even surpasses 3D-printed options. For those curious, they modeled the Speeder Bikes as they appeared in the physical Gunship model. This is also why the top missile area is covered.

For scale-enthusiasts, the Gunship clocks in at 1/57 or 1/58 depending on which dimension you go by. Last photo shows Micro Galaxy Clonetrooper and Obi-Wan figures at 1/72 for comparison.


  • mostly die-cast construction
  • opening side doors
  • opening rear hatch
  • magnetic detachable canopy
  • magnetic detachable Clone/Yoda platform
  • fully rolling wing beam turrets
  • manned beam turrets swing out and can elevate up/down
  • fully articulated nose laser cannons
  • fully articulated rear laser cannon
  • detailed cargo netting
  • detailed/painted air-to-air wing rockets
  • detailed bombs with piping inside the side doors
  • hollowed missile launcher tubes
  • hollowed air intakes above wings
  • numbered with stand and Republic iron-on patch

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