I like die casts and I can not lie

Well the Altaya gods (and a buddy in France) have been really good to me. This latest round of die-casts is truly amazing. The Free Virgillia Bunkerbuster is probably my favorite followed by the Persuader Tank Droid. The Imperial Light Shuttle from Kenobi is a real stand out though. And the landspeeders/airspeeders are always a treat, but make me want some figures to go in them. Check out the pages Republic, Empire, & New Republic for more ships.

Altaya Diecast Miniatures

So, I've changed some stuff around. There's a Toys & Collectibles main page now in the top bar. Under that is the Action Fleet page we all know and love. But more importantly, there's a new page for the Altaya Miniatures with pics and my thoughts on each one. I'm still keeping the scales page for them, but it will stay separate. I hope to add more in the future. Until then, enjoy a ton of new pics, as well as this one showing the Altaya Ski Speeder being roughly in scale with the Micro Galaxy Squadron Figures.