A little Micro update

So, I have pics of most of Micro Galaxy Squadron Series 5 up, as well as the Hoth Vault set, which I keep on the main MGS page with the SDCC exclusives. I also finished an article on the size of the AT-TE, which subsequently made me question life...so there's that. I'm hoping I can do some more scaling when the MGS AT-TE comes out. Also, my U-wing still hasn't shipped from Amazon, and I'm hoping to do a video review on that one.

Lastly, I'm considering doing a full archive of pics for Micro Machines. Now, I have tons of loose Micros, but few playsets. So I may ask for contributions if anyone wants to try out their photography skills. I don't know of any other Micro Machines archives anymore. Most have gone the way of the passenger pigeon.

AT-TE on Geonosis diorama

I finished a small, but detailed vignette featuring an AT-TE walker on Geonosis. Check it out here.

Becoming a stripper…

…a paint-stripper. Well, I didn’t like how the paint had laid on the Shuttle; it was grainy. I’m fairly convinced that the paint was drying as it hit the model. Thus, I need to use a paint retarder of some sort. So, I decided to soak the model in Windex and remove the acrylic layer. However, I found the while the Vallejo paint lifted perfectly, the AK acrylic Primer pretty much stayed on. I used a toothbrush to remove most of it (without damaging the lacquer primer underneath). Now, I’m letting it dry.

In other news, I bought an F-toys AT-TE, and I am making a small vignette with it. I did some slight weathering on the vehicle. Then, I used a picture frame and some DAS clay to create terrain. I created the spires from 5 minute resin. Basically, I just stirred the resin until it began to set, then lifted the stirrer. If I timed it right, I could create rather unique spire/obelisk shapes reminiscent of Geonosis.