Modeling Techniques

I have compiled some easy-to-read sections on various tools and modeling techniques I use. The list is by no means a complete resource, but I think it has enough unique points and tips to be useful, especially to those starting out. Most sections have bulleted lists of tools and tips for each. I try to be honest in what I like and dislike about tools and paints. But, realize this is just my opinion

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on that page or email me. Please see the Build Logs for in-action shots of many of these techniques.

Just remember to have fun. Don't be discouraged by photos in books or reviews of expensive equipment. You can do a lot with a shoestring budget and a little tenacity.

Years of paint collection

Years of paint collection

Essential Modeling Tools

8 must-have modeling tools, using a Dremel


Acrylic Paint: Tips and Brands

Acrylic brands, mixing paint, metallics, inks, and primers


Glue: Tips and Types

Cement types, Uses, CA applicators, etc.


Scratch-building: Basics

Scribing, scoring, calipers, protractor scriber


Scratch-building: Tools

Specialty tools, The Chopper, Miter sander, punch sets, Olfa circle cutter


Kit-bashing Models

Combining parts from other kits to make something new


Adding Greeblies

Thoughts on those intricate details that make a model come to life


Photo-Etch & Brass

Bending, cutting, and making grabhandles


Thinners & Future

Thinners for airbrushing, Future Floor Wax, varnishes


Enamel Weathering

Washes, streaks, rust, stains, dust, mud, oil, grease, and wet effects


Custom Decals

Using Microsoft Word to create and print custom decals

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