Modeling Techniques

I have compiled some easy-to-read sections on various tools and modeling techniques I use. The list is by no means a complete resource, but I think it has enough unique points and tips to be useful, especially to those starting out. Most sections have bulleted lists of tools and tips for each. I try to be honest in what I like and dislike about tools and paints. But, realize this is just my opinion

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment on that page or email me. Please see the Build Logs for in-action shots of many of these techniques.

Just remember to have fun. Don't be discouraged by photos in books or reviews of expensive equipment. You can do a lot with a shoestring budget and a little tenacity.

Essential Modeling Tools

8 must-have modeling tools, using a Dremel

Acrylic Paint: Tips and Brands

Acrylic brands, mixing paint, metallics, inks, and primers

Cement & Glue: Tips and Types

Cement brands, Uses, CA applicators, etc.

Scratch-building: Basics

Scribing, scoring, calipers, protractor scriber

Scratch-building: Tools

Specialty tools, The Chopper, Miter sander, punch sets, Olfa circle cutter

Kit-bashing Models

Combining parts from other kits to make something new

Adding Greeblies

Thoughts on those intricate details that make a model come to life

Photo-Etch & Brass

Bending, cutting, and making grab-handles

Thinning Paint & Varnishes

Thinners for airbrushing, hand-painting, and the varnish debate

Enamel Weathering

Washes, streaks, rust, stains, dust, mud, oil, grease, and wet effects

Custom Decals

Using Microsoft Word to create and print custom decals

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