My thoughts and articles on scale-modeling, Star Wars, and other topics

As a hardcore Star Wars fan, I tend to have a lot of thoughts regarding the universe. After all, just looking over all the information on my website, and you can see how much I enjoy thinking about it. And I'm not opposed to having a biased opinion from time to time. I think that sharing opinions and learning more about modeling, Star Wars, or any topic is essential. We learn by having our opinions challenged.

Therefore, I wanted to make a section that is really just a place for me to write and share ideas. I would like to include ideas about the Star Wars universe, thoughts on modeling techniques, and maybe even film reviews. Eventually, I may even add a few stories. I have a really good idea for a new ending to The Dark Disciple about my favorite character, Asajj Ventress.

Lastly, I welcome my readers to share their thoughts as well through comments or emails. If you have something that you think would enhance my site, I may even consider uploading it here...with all the credit to the author(s) of course.

Asajj Ventress - Tragic Hero - What makes her my favorite character, an inspiring heroine, and a victim of PTSD

Realism in Expression - Oct 2016 - Can realism and artistic expression coexist in modeling?

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