Star Wars Scale Lists

Sizes & Scales of over 900 Star Wars miniatures - because reasons


My Star Wars Scale Lists contains the sizes and scales of the miniatures, collectibles, and toys I own. Occasionally, fans of the site send me measurements, which I mark with an [*] asterisk.

Primarily, I measure vehicles by length. Yet, even with digital calipers, there is possibility of user error. Let me know if you think something is off, and I can check it.

I estimated some sizes, marked with "est." I try to give a reason why at the bottom of every page. For a more in-depth look at how I am estimating these sizes, take a look at my Size Analyses pages.

Lastly, if you have measurements you want to send me, please do, preferably with calipers in metric.

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Cause I want to.

I mostly did this for diorama planning, as well as my own curiosity. It doesn't really bother me that some company's model kit or collectible ISN'T what they say it is.

Pick a List

Action Fleet - Galoob, later Hasbro, hard plastic toys with figures from the mid-90s

Altaya - Subscription die-cast miniatures from France, larger than DA

De Agostini - Subscription die-cast miniatures from France, mid-2000s

F-toys - Pre-painted plastic blind box models from Japan in mid-2000s

Fantasy Flight - Plastic minis from X-wing, Armada, & Legion

Hallmark - Ornaments of all sizes

Hot Wheels - Die-cast, low-detail minis starting in 2016-ish

Micro Galaxy Squadron - Jazwares 2022 line of Action Fleet-type toys

Micro Machines - Galoob's mid-90s vinyl plastic painted miniatures

Micro Machines 2.0 - Hasbro's 2015 relaunch of the line

Micro Vehicles (2005) - Hasbro's vinyl plastic minis from 2005

Model Kits - Styrene or resin buildable models

Titanium Series - Galoob, later Hasbro, die-cast ships 95-2016

TOMY Series - Vinyl plastic miniature displays from Japan, early 2000s

Wizards of the Coast - Early 2000s vinyl plastic gaming minis

Miscellaneous - everything else, including Disney Die-casts

Star Wars Scale Lists


  1. Hi,

    Have you thought of doing scale lists for the Disney die-cast vehicles? I know they are a bit ‘abnormal’ with their scales which probably puts a lot of people off, but for the casual collector they are pretty neat things!



    • Hey. Right now, I have 2 of them listed on the Miscellaneous page. I bought the First Order Snowspeeder myself, which is a really nice collectible. Someone shared the AT-AT’s height with me. I’d love to add others, but I don’t plan on buying any right now. I’m hoping that they do some more for The Last Jedi, but I guess we’ll see. As always, if you have any and want to measure them, I will add them to the list.

  2. Cool, thanks Jonathan – I have a couple of the x-wings which are pretty nice I think. I’ll try to measure them later and let you know the dimensions!

  3. Ive been following The measurements in your page because I want to build a diorama about a gallactic battle involving X Wings AND Ties AND many other Ships from The rebellion AND The Empire. At first I thought that The X Wing Miniatures Game would be The Best choice due to size AND scaling. But after checking your page I realized they aré not very consistent with scales despite they promise being around 1:220 scale. Then I thought Micro Galaxy Squadron was a better idea Then The same thing happenned. Which One would you say Is The most consistent brand concerning scales? Thank you very much. Greetings from Mexico.

    • Sadly, I don’t think there’s a “consistent” line, at least not one that has a LOT of ships. For dioramas, I think it’s easier to pick a scale, and then find miniatures that fit that scale.

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