Build Log: Rehtna P. Jadgschwebenpanzer

Hovertank kit-bashing, painting, weathering


This is the build log for my Rehtna P. Jagdschwebenpanzer or "hunting hover tank". This was inspired by my Rezna P.II and is a kit-bash of a single kit, Dragon's 1/35 Jagdpanther late. Most of the information is located below each image. There is also a write-up of this build in the November 2016 FineScale Modeler.

Finished model


  1. Just got that issue about a week ago and saw this build! I’ve always loved the idea of hovertanks. And, I love Star Wars! Imagine my surprise when I found this site searching for ideals to kit bash a 1:35 scale LAV-25 Mortar Carrier into a Rebel Troop Hover-Carrier. I came upon your site specifically looking for a reference for the laser turret used in TESB. I’m thinking of using the upper portion as the main gun for my carrier. Part of my inspiration came from my own service in the mechanized infantry as a troop and later a crewman on the M2A2ODS Bradleys. Another cool track, that always screamed out sci-fi and hovertank, to me, is the Soviet BMP-2. Strange that it was featured on the same FM cover as your build. Looking forward to seeing more from you. I’m just getting back into the modelling hobby after a twenty year hiatus, but I feel like taking it to the next level. Thank you for the increasing inspiration and creativity. One day, I hope to return the favor with a website of my own showcasing my builds as well.

    • Hey Jeff. Thank you for the kind words. I’m glad to liked the article. Sounds like you’ve got an awesome kit-bash in the works. the LAV-25 definitely could make a great hovertank with all of the angles it has. And yeah, the Bradley was always very futuristic looking. I especially loved how the driver hatch opened. Feel free to keep me in the loop, I’d love to see some pictures. Or if you wish, Facebook has several modeling groups, like Starship Modeler, that would be a great outlet for this project. Best!!

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