Bison II

Dragon (1/35)

♦ Detail: 5/5

♦ Fit: 4/5


  • Friul tracks
  • Jerry cans
  • Tow cable
  • Extra road wheels
  • Tarp

The Build

As with most Dragon kits, there were some hassles with the Bison II model, but the kit eventually came together quite well. I struggled with some of the photo-etch sections. The tracks were too few, so I replaced them with Friulmodel metal tracks. The radios only came with one mounting frame, so I contacted Dragon and received an additional frame to complete the assembly. Besides the tracks, I used Tasca jerry cans, a Lionmarc brass antenna, and Karaya copper wire for the tow cable. I added wires for the radios, additional track links, extra road wheels, and a rolled up tarp made from Kleenex.

I tried paint modulation for the first time on this model. Basically, I painted different shades of the base coat to represent highlights and shadows. I like the effect, but I didn’t use quite the range of shades I often see with modulation. Even though Panzer Grey is very dark, I decided to go the bluish-grey route, and I like the look…even if isn’t too realistic.

Weathering consisted of pigments and AK Interactive products. I did the chipping with Vallejo paints, and then added a lot of dust and streaks. I paint one jerry can in Dunkelgelb, as if it were thrown on at the last minute without being repainted. I kinda like the color pop the yellow adds.


The Bison II was a factory modification of the Pz. II, which mounted a sIG 33 assault gun in an open top design. If you notice, the back end of the gun extends into the engine compartment. Literally, the wheels were removed and the sIG 33 was dropped onto mount. The chassis was extended by one road wheel to accommodate the gun.

Documents are scarce, but we do know that 12 were made for use in the North Africa campaign. Due to engine overheating, the production was canceled, and all 12 were either destroyed or abandoned.

I have one photo of a Bison II painted in a dark color and set in a snow-covered environment. It is possible others were made and/or were used on other fronts or in defense of Berlin (which fits the dusty look of my model).


    • The Friuls are the ones for the Bison II (I forget the number). But because it has a longer chassis, you have to get the right pack or you won’t have enough. Spare wheels are from the Dragon Panzer II kit.

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