Jagdpanzer IV L/70 early (captured)

Dragon (1/72)

♦ Detail: 4/5

♦ Fit: 3/5


  • Soviet captured scheme

The Build

Construction was hindered by bad instructions. For someone experienced with the mark IV, the build would be a no-brainer...but Dragon’s instructions were wrong on several occasions. The biggest problem was the road wheel suspensions that the instructions indicate gluing in the wrong direction. Apart from that, I encountered some fit issues (rear armor plates), but the DS tracks were nice, and the kit has excellent detailing.

I used Polly Scale’s French Fokker Green as a Soviet Green, although just about any green would work as the Soviet manufacturers varied greatly in paint consistency.


The Jagdpanzer IV was a low-profile tank destroyer meant to combat Soviet tanks on the eastern front. This version mounted the longer 75mm Panther L/70 turret in place of the L/43 already carried by most Panzer IV’s.

This depiction is of a captured version repainted in Soviet fashion.

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