Jagdtiger (Henschel) with 2 ton crane

Dragon (1/72)

♦ Detail: 4/5

♦ Fit: 3/5


  • PE chain
  • Faded modulation

The Build

This 1/72 Jagdtiger with crane was a quick and easy model I decided to do while building the Walker diorama. I built it out of the box; however, I did add small styrene “teeth” to the track mounts  on the side. The chains are photoetch pieces. They look pretty good for the scale, but are still flat if you look at them from a certain angle.

Once built, I sprayed various tones of dark yellow to create a sun-bleached look. Then I went in with oils and created all kinds of shadows and highlights.

I used the AK rust set for the majority of the rust on the tracks, exhaust, and spare track links. I added several dirt washes to the tracks and running gear. Yet, overall, I was pretty light with the weathering. Again, this was meant as a relaxation piece.


The heaviest operationally used tank of WWII, the Jagdtiger weighed a massive 71.7 tons and sported a 128mm main gun. Initial testing of the Porsche suspension showed that it was prone to breaking. So after 11 completed tanks, they quickly switched to the more robust Henschel suspension, as seen here.

Though I can find no photos of jagdtiger with a crane, it would be quite possible during late 1944 and onward.

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