Peanut Butter Panzer (Pz. III)

Zvezda (1/100)

♦ Detail: 3/5

♦ Fit: 4/5


  • Custom peanut butter jar lid base

The Build

This was part of a challenge I gave myself to build and finish this guy in 2 days using a very low budget. The kit itself was great consisting of only about 9 parts. I used the hairspray weathering technique to create the chipping and rubber road wheels, which kept my paint use down to 2 paints.

The idea of a panzer in a peanut butter jar lid came from a forum posting on (I forget the exact post). But I used a Jif lid and added found dirt and twigs attached via white glue. The grass is made out of green tea leaves. Once I attached the Pz. III, I was at the 2-day mark. I later decided to add Realistic Water to the ditch, which required weeks of thin layers with plenty of dry time in between.

It’s not perfect, but it was a fun (and cheap) little kit.


The Panzer III was one of Germany’s most widely used tanks, particularly as a mobile assault gun. A medium tank with good all-around stats, the Pz.III proved valuable on all fronts, particularly when Germany had trouble manufacturing and maintaining the newer, more complicated tanks.

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