sIG 33b captured (Panzer III chassis)

Dragon (1/35)

♦ Detail: 5/5

♦ Fit: 3/5


  • Captured scheme
  • Faint German crosses still visible
  • Miniart Soviet weapons
  • Spare T-34 tracks
  • Tow cable
  • Modulated colors
  • Stencils for markings

The Build

This was one of the “smart-kit” versions of the sIG 33b, the one in panzer grey. While labeled “smart”, this kit was very tricky to put together. Several of the photo-etch bits did not fit. The fenders had extra areas molded on that I needed to remove. The upper box-hull required a lot of test-fitting (and finally clamps and tape) to cement it to the lower hull.

In deviating from the norm, I added extra T-34 magic track to the upper-hull to make it look like a mobile pill box of sorts. I then draped more Pz.III track and the tow cable on the right side.

The weapons come from a Miniart kit that was almost equally hard. Nearly 30 pieces went into making the Maxim MG. I had to replace the axle with brass rod because the tires kept falling off.

Painting was quite a joy with such a large canvas. I sprayed and sealed a layer of Tamiya German Grey first. I then used LifeColor greens to create modulation. I then came back with a paintbrush to paint more highlighted areas and features. Using water and some thinner, I was able to scuff a lot of the LC paint away, making the panzer grey color come through.

Using PE masks, I sprayed the German emblems, which I also faded with water. I over-sprayed them a little with more green. Finally, I used another mask to create the red stars.

I first used a sponge to create chipping around the vehicle. Then I turned to my new LifeColor rust set and painted the extra tracks (best rust set I’ve used). I also used acrylics to create some fading.

For mud, I mixed some plaster with dark pigments and water. I made several layers of mud, each varying in color. The end result is the best-looking mud I have done.

Finally, I came in with enamels and oils to add more dirt and fading to the vehicle. I probably could have gone heavier on the upper-hull, but I didn’t want to ruin the beautiful green coloration.


The Sturm-Infanteriegeschütz 33b or sIG 33b was an attempt to reuse old Sturmgeschütz chasses by mounting the sIG 33 infantry gun on board. The sIG 33 was a powerful 150mm gun and proved effective at knocking out enemy emplacements. The Germans also mounted the gun to Panzer I, Panzer II, and 38(t) chasses.

Though ordered early on in the war, only 24 were built. Those served primarily at Stalingrad. The only survivor remains intact at Kubinka.

I could not find any direct evidence of one being captured, but they did serve on the Eastern front. I think it would be neat to have seen one modified as more of a mobile pill box with an anti-tank rifle and machine gun on board.

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