Narcissus (Alien shuttle)

Action Fleet (1/107)



Opening cockpit

♦ Opening rear hatch

♦ Opening sleep pod

♦ Moving rod under hull springs out Alien

♦ Landing gear (1)

♦ Poseable Ripley and Alien


This isn’t much of a custom. All I did was add a dark wash to the Narcissus, and then a mud wash to the stand.


The Narcissus is the shuttle Ripley used to escape the Nostromo in the great sci-fi horror classes, Alien. Of course, the creature stowed aboard and had to be jettisoned into space.

FYI: The engine exhaust that kills the Alien after it is launched into space is actually water. Several gallons were poured out of an upward hanging engine with a fog light glowing in the center. The water idea was revisited in Alien 3, where an Alien covered in molten lead was doused with cold water making it explode.

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