Rezna P.234

Panzer Hovertank

♦ Original design as part of my panzer hovertank series

♦ Removable rear fuel and engine cover

♦ Flip-down side ladder

♦ Removable roller mines

♦ Removable chair

♦ Custom rifle

♦ Diorama base

♦ Built from kit-bashing only one kit

The Build

Check out the Build Log.

Once again, I tried my hand at creating a panzer hovertank using only what was in the box. The subject was Dragons 1/35 234 armored car. I was able to use stretched sprue, the bags, and extra tires for the entire scene.

Most of the details are included in the build log. However, in addition, I used static grass around the base. I applied a dried piece of lichen to the abandoned tire. I also used a seed pod (coated in white glue) as a cactus (see the last picture). The rocks were left over from the many molds I made when working on the AT-TE diorama.

Nearly all of the weathering was done using AK and Mig enamel solutions. I also used some oils to create streaking and rust tones


This high-speed recon panzer hovertank found extensive use in both military and mercenary ranks due to its high adaptability and ruggedness. Requiring a crew of 2, the pilot sits lower in the cockpit with the gunner sitting higher up. The gunner mans the side cannon and the dual guns. A side hatch allows the crew to enter and exit the vehicle.

The open-top design allows for higher visibility but requires protective masks and gear for harsh weather conditions. Moreover, the crew are more exposed to aerial attacks and often keep their rifles within reach to fend off such an attack. There is also danger from the exposed fuel tank situated in the rear, as there is no wall between the crew and the tank.

This particular model features a roller-mine launcher in the back. When traveling at high speeds, the crew can release a mine that rolls along the path the hovertank was traveling. If timed correctly, roller-mines can knock out heavy emplacements, dams, bunkers, and other heavily armored targets. The mines do not arm until released, so they are relatively safe to carry exposed.

This vehicle also has heavily armored front plates that deflect debris and projectiles. Small sharpened downward-pointing blades can cut through wire and enemy troops if necessary.


  1. This is my favorite of All your models. You have inspired me to start building Scala hovertanks 🙂 very nice model!

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