Arquitens-class Light Cruiser

Odyssey Slipways (1/4111)

The Build

This is a resin kit from Odyssey Slipways (available at Starship Modeler). I redid all the cannons with brass rod for the side cannons and 4 super-small brass rods for each of the quad laser cannons. Apart from that, assembly was easy with barely any cleanup needed.

Painting was pretty simple: off-white base with dark grey and black details around the engines. The trouble was with the decals (which is most of what you see there, as in 85% is covered in decals). The first try, the decals shattered. Luckily, I was able to get replacements from Odyssey Slipways (great guy BTW). I coated the new ones with Krylon Clear. Then they went on fine.


The Arquitens-class or Republic light cuiser acted as a support frigate for larger ships. Jedi also utilized the vessel for as a command ship for strategic attacks, employing its high-speed to dodge enemy cannon fire.

Weaponry included 4 twin turbolasers along the lateral sides and 4 quad laser turrets split between the top and bottom hull. The center also featured missile tubes for cruiser-to-cruiser engagements. The Arquitens-class was often used by Jedi during deep space deployments.

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