Cloud Car Concept (Ralph McQuarrie)

Action Fleet (1/79)

The Build

This was really just a repaint of the AF Cloud Car to match Ralph McQuarrie’s painting. The center engine is a light grey, whereas the underside is an off-white color. The blue I used is Model Master Insignia Blue, which came out a little too dark for my taste. I may go back later and repaint it. However, I would lose the yellow decal insignias that I put on either side.  

I have yet to repaint the pilot, but I don’t know exactly how I would paint him anyway.


This was from one of Ralph McQuarrie’s original drawings of Cloud City, where his painting featured a light grey/white Cloud City and blue Cloud Cars. Of course, the blue would not work with the bluescreen technology, so the color was changed. What is not included in the model is a tail fin that originally jutted down from behind each of the lower pods. This steering fin was present in some other renditions of the Cloud Car, but never made it to the film.

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