Nebulon-B Frigate

Anigrand (1/2096)

The Build

This was a resin kit from Anigrand Craftswork and included the miniature Blockade Runner. Both are supposed to be in 1/2256 scale (same as Revell Star Destroyer). However, the Blockade Runner is closer to 1/2885. At 1/2256, it should be roughly half the length of the Frigate. I included a shot of the Micro Machine and WOTC Blockade Runners, which are closer to scale of the Frigate.

Construction was fairly simple. I used thick brass rods to help attach the major sections of the Frigate, and I replaced the somewhat small resin antennae with nearly a dozen brass rods.

Painting for the Frigate consisted of a custom grey for a base coat. I then hand-painted the bridge details, which are supposed to be a greyish green, dark red, greyish blue, mustard yellow, and a dark grey for the lower sensor array (this according to The Best of the Lucasfilm Archives book. Then I dusted a grey coat over it to make it look subdued. The Blockade Runner was completely hand-painted.

I followed the painting with heavy weathering washes. Finally, I used the Tamiya Weather Set’s white to lighten the edges around the Frigate giving the colors even more contrast.


Originally and Imperial vessel, the EF76 Nebulon-B Frigate was utilized by many armies as an escort and special operations ship. After Rebel strike teams “liberated” a multitude of these ships from Imperial facilities, the Frigate became a mainstay in the Alliance Navy as its primary cruiser until the Mon Calamari defection. Subsequently, Imperial admirals would often lament on destroying so many ships they already paid for.

The EF76 was primarily a communications ship, featuring several long-range communication stations above the bridge. The Frigate did feature a modest weapon range, but relied primarily on capital ships and it’s own speed during battles. The lower laser and turbolaser cannons did prove useful against starfighters and small transports, and were deadly accurate in the hands of good pilots. “Liberated” Frigates found use as portable bases of operations for the Rebel Alliance, particularly in the post Battle of Yavin days. Later, the Alliance modified many of these ships as medical stations for wounded, one of which treated Luke Skywalker after his encounter with Darth Vader.


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