Stellar Envoy (YT-1300)

Fine Molds (1/159)

The Build

This is the Fine Molds 1/144 Millennium Falcon repainted to its Clone Wars era scheme and name of the Stellar Envoy. Construction was pretty straightforward. I only added scratch-built detail to the turrets, converting them from quad to dual lasers. I tried out my first lighting rig by adding glow wire to the rear and cutting out the individual engine grates.

Painting was the real challenge. I had to mask off just about everything. Polly Scale TAC Light Grey worked as a base coat. On top of that, I used a custom blue-grey, a custom reddish-orange, and a dark red for markings. I also added a few shades of grey for certain panels. Weathering consisted mostly of washes. The only real image I had clearly showed the white bits on the recessed access areas, so I just added a dark wash several times to darken the open access hatches. I didn’t really have any reference for the underside, so I painted it in what I thought made ‘sense”. Unfortunately, the weathering doesn’t look as good because it’s so light. I did add a few exhaust streaks with my airbrush to add a little more “wear” to it.

No decals were harmed in the making of this custom.


Though not the familiar Millennium Falcon, this YT-1300 went under the name of the Stellar Envoy and served as a elite task ship for Senators and Jedi (as part of the Republic Group). Blue markings gave it a diplomatic status, yet the Stellar Envoy saw combat on several missions that were far from “diplomatic”. Damaged during the waning days of the Clone Wars, the Stellar Envoy was sold as scrap..

Outfitted with only stock weapons, the Stellar Envoy boasted decent shields and 2 twin laser turrets, which could be operated by gunners or from the cockpit.


  1. Very nice . My friend Jay has built a beautiful version of this as well.
    Between he and your own work . I am inspired to try to build my own .
    As said
    you’ve done some wonderful work here .

    • Thank you for the kind words. I’d love to go back and do another, as I have since found more photos of the vehicle. I think the Workshop Manual has some photos that might help you (as well as just being a cool read).

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