TIE Fighter

Fine Molds (1/81)

The Build

This was a straight up Fine Molds build out of the box. Build was very easy. All I had to do was fill a few gaps in the wings.

For painting, I painted it in various shades of grey. Using a brush, I highlighted the upper panels and pieces to give it a unique appearance. I used AMMO blue-grey wash to hit the recesses.

The problem I had was with the pre-cut masks I used. The enamel wash messed them up and really messed up the canopies. Luckily, I was able to scrape most of the gunk off and use a dark wash to kinda “fog” the canopies.


It's a TIE Fighter...not much to say here.


    • It’s a bit smaller than what it could be. TIE sizes are hard to determine anyway. It could pass for 1/48, but could also pass for 1/60.

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