Star Wars Micro Galaxy Squadron Series 4

2022 Jazwares Action Fleet-inspired line

While Micro Galaxy Squadron series 4 won't hit until fall of 2023, Jazwares unveiled the line at Celebration 2023. The line will feature several more Starship-class ships like the AT-AT and Lambda-class Shuttle. Additionally, we are getting the TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Y-wing, Red 2 & Red 3 X-wings, as well as the Vulture Droid. Blind Boxes will feature General Grievous' Wheelbike, and my favorite Paploo the Ewok on a dying Speeder Bike.

Series 4 Blind Boxes



  • Ewok Hang Glider - Ewok
  • Imperial Speeder Bike - Luke Skywalker
  • Imperial Speeder Bike - Scout Trooper
  • Starhawk Speeder Bike - Echo
  • Escape Pod - C-3PO
  • BARC Speeder - Captain Rex
  • Wheel Bike - General Grievous
  • Flaming Speeder Bike - Paploo

This was a mixed bag of Blind Boxes. The Speeder Bikes have a newer, more accurate brown color, but you get 3 of them (even though one has cools flames). You also get another BARC and cleaner Escape Pod. However, I do love finally getting Echo, Rex, and an Ewok Hang Glider. Most people report that Rex has printing issues on his helmet (pictured here). The best though is probably the Wheel Bike, which has 4 poseable legs, and it can balance with the legs folded up. Of course, nothing would be complete without recognizing your hero and mine, Paploo!

The Captain Rex and General Grievous are both Rare with the daredevil Paploo being the Chase of this series.



  • opening cockpit
  • semi-rotating ion cannon turret
  • retractable landing gear (3)
  • push-button on bottom to pop out R2 unit
  • pop-out proton torpedoes
  • poseable Jon Vander and R2-BHD

This has to be one of the best to date. The detail is spot on, and I love the cockpit shape and angles. The side-opening canopy is fantastic, and the laser cannon barrels are actually hollowed out on the tips. The thruster pylons are perfect in my opinion. The downside is that the ion cannon turret only rotates a little. Take a look at the detail on Jon Vander's helmet.



  • opening cockpit
  • opening bomb hatch with painted missiles
  • cockpit seats 2 pilots
  • poseable TIE Pilot

OK, I take it back, this has to be one of the best to date. The detail is amazing and includes details seen in the Incredible Cross-Sections books. Now, the inclusion of the bombardier station is unusual, but flawlessly done. The canopy frame is blue/grey like the ILM model (only TIE they did that on). Also, they got the bombing chute correct by placing it toward the rear of the ship, not the front like most toys. I love the missiles and bombs ready to launch, even though there isn't a firing missile. Finally, the TIE Pilot has way better details than series 1.

Only thing I could wish for - one more pilot.

TIE Interceptor



  • opening canopy
  • opening rear engine hatch
  • push button on bottom ejects pilot
  • wings can pop off
  • clear display stand
  • poseable TIE Pilot

Now, I do love the TIE Interceptor, and they mostly did a good job here. The proportions and angles look good (wingtip lasers are a little big). The canopy is about the right size, although it should be painted with black frames. And I like the color they molded it in. All in all, it's a nice model. Oh, and I LOVE the display stand. The TIE Pilot sports the new Imperial cogs with added detail.




  • opening cockpit
  • retractable landing gear
  • poseable Rebel A-wing Pilot

I really don't like this one. First, it's the wrong A-wing model. They used the Resistance one, just like they did with Hera. Yet, the biggest issue is that the pilot doesn't fit in the cockpit. And because it's glued together, I can't pop the hull apart and cut out excess plastic so he will fit. Speaking of, the pilot is an amazing mold. He just needs a better ship to go with it.

If you really want the pilot to fit, you're going to have do "something rather rash".

Royal Guard TIE Interceptor



  • opening canopy
  • opening rear engine hatch
  • push button on bottom ejects pilot
  • wings can pop off
  • clear display stand
  • poseable Royal Guard TIE Pilot

This a recolor of the regular TIE Interceptor, molded in red and sporting silver highlights. Sadly, I think the red molded plastic doesn't look great. I think it would look better and deeper if it were painted red. However, the Royal TIE Pilot looks amazing, especially with the thin red line and Imperial roundels on the helmet.

Mando's N-1 Starfighter



  • opening cockpit
  • retractable landing gear (3)
  • poseable Din Djarin (removable jetpack)

Jazwares did well with the N-1. The coloring and detail is really nice, especially on the removed panels. They even hollowed out the tips of the laser cannons. Grogu is sealed in his bubble canopy though, and cannot be removed. Din Djarin has a removable jetpack so he can fit in the cockpit.

Note: You cannot open the canopy very far. If you try to, it will crack and possibly break.

Wedge's X-wing



  • opening cockpit
  • retractable landing gear (3)
  • opening s-foils
  • push-button on bottom to pop out R2 unit
  • Poseable Wedge Antilles and R2-A3

While a copy of the Series 1 X-wing, I do think they did a good job with the markings and colors. To me, this looks better than Luke's version. Wedge looks fantastic. One downside is the "blast" damage marks look pretty bad.

Vulture Droid



  • pop-out droid head on a ball socket for full rotation
  • flight wings insert in side & can pop out for attack mode
  • landed wings insert in side & can move forward and back
  • Poseable Battle Droid

I've always liked the Vulture Droids, but this one doesn't hit the mark for me. Colors and details seem off in places. Wing pylons don't seem long enough, and you have to practically break the wings to pop them out completely for attack mode. Seriously, there are 4 or 5 "pops" you have to deal with before they are completely extended. Then the walking wings are also fragile at the ball joints. Plus, they only move forward and backward. Action Fleet definitely did this one better by a wide margin. Also, the "dipped in coffee" wash is back.



  • poseable head
  • legs articulate at 3 points (4)
  • opening cockpit hatch
  • cockpit holds 3 figures
  • red LED lights up visor
  • second Red LED lights up main cannons
  • side is removable for interior access
  • holds up to 10 Snowtroopers & 4 Speeder Bikes
  • moveable Speeder Bike lowering cable
  • interior white LED's light up several screens
  • cable connects to 3 underside points and to Luke
  • 2 grey buttons activate lights, sounds, and General Veers' voice
  • poseable AT-AT Driver, General Veers, Snowtrooper (2), and Luke Skywalker with lightsaber

Overall, I really like the AT-AT. Jazwares did a great job at creating a big, accurate walker. I love the inclusion of a playable troop compartment with lights and lots of seating. The AT-AT has 2 dark grey buttons that light up various sections. One downside is that there is a LOT of light bleed, especially in the cockpit. There is a rubber collar on the neck that looks warped. Lastly, the side blasters do NOT rotate. However, all in all, this is an amazing piece with lots of poseability and playability. I only wish it came with one more AT-AT driver.

This speeder bike is painted white instead of being molded in white like the Series 3 Blind Box variant.

Imperial Shuttle



  • Opening cockpit with 6 seats
  • Pop off armor to access interior with 7 seats
  • Opening linked wings
  • Rotating wing root laser cannons (2)
  • Swiveling rear blaster turret
  • Flip-down landing gear (2)
  • Button opens ramp
  • poseable Emperor Palpatine and Royal Guards (2)

The Imperial Shuttle has a lot that is great and a lot that is meh. The size is awesome. I love the wing details, especially on the edges of the wings. The interior is the best I've ever seen and looks just like the Cross-Sections books. Lastly, the rear with blaster turret and detailed engines looks spectacular. However, the wing angle isn't quite right. Worst of all, the neck is so thick, the ramp won't lower enough when it's landed. Some people thought the landing gear were too short, but it's actually the thickness of the neck to the cockpit area. This could have easily been fixed.

Figures look great. But, I wish they had included at least one Naval Trooper as a pilot. Also, IT REALLY NEED A STAND.

Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter Evolution



  • Ahsoka's Jedi Starfighter with new deco
  • Ahsoka's Jedi Interceptor
  • poseable Ahsoka Tano (season 3-5) and R7-A7

This is an AMAZING release featuring some of the best paint work to date. Ahsoka's Jedi Interceptor has a lot of little yellow triangles and other details that really pop against the dark red plastic and white paint. Republic logos look great. Her Jedi Starfighter has a lot of new and different details than the series 2 release. Mostly, they added the Republic logo, blue engine lights, and the underside detail. I highlighted all of the additional changes. Overall, it's significantly better. Ahsoka looks good, but the blue is a little too faded. However, R7 benefits from the new painting techniques that give the droid defined yellow-green panels on top. Lastly, the box art on the side panels is awesome.



  • exact same features as regular AT-AT
  • Endor mud/leaves decoration
  • poseable AT-AT Driver, Scout Trooper, Stormtroopers (2 with blaster, 2 without), Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker

Sadly, this doesn't offer anything new. Despite the new weathering, the AT-AT is identical to the Hoth version. They even left in General Veers' voice commands. Vader and Luke already saw releases in Series 1. The Stormtroopers are nice, but again, nothing new.

Honestly, the best thing here is the really cool background included with it.

Battle of Endor



  • Millennium Falcon has swappable sensor dishes (regular & "That was too close")
  • TIE Interceptors (2)
  • poseable Lando Calrissian, Nien Numb, Endor Troopers (2), TIE Pilots (2)

Despite being another Falcon release, this one is pretty nice. The battle-damage looks  cool, especially the new sensor dish. The standouts are definitely the 2 TIE Interceptors. These are not as blue as the standard release, but feature unique battle-damage printing. Each one is slightly different. Figures are phenomenal. Lando and Nien look amazing. The Endor Troopers are a nice touch. Finally, the TIE Pilots are the best they have released. The new printing methods allow the Imperial Roundel to look perfect.

Battle of Coruscant



  • Anakin's yellow Jedi Interceptor
  • Obi-Wan's red Jedi Interceptor
  • Blue Vulture Droids (2)
  • poseable Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan Kenobi, R2-D2, R4-P14, Battle Droids (2)

It's a bit pricey, but it's a nice pack. The Vulture droids are really well done for their size. Each features 2 pairs of wings for either flight or walking. However, one of the walking legs had broken, and I had to order a replacement. Anakin, Obi-Wan and their respective Jedi Interceptors are the same as the Series 3 releases as far as I can tell. Paint jobs look pretty much identical. The Battle Droids are the same as Series 2, but with new paint jobs. The ONLY difference is the new printing on R2's dome head, which depicts all of the panels instead just a blue paint blob.


  1. I see people using a needle to poke and figure out what is inside the mystery box. How can I find anything when somebody is using the front images as a poking grid. This allows them to isolate boxes by speeder types. What can be done?

    • That’s the first I’ve heard of that trick. Around where I live, they usually cut the tape and look inside. Sadly, I don’t know the solution here. I know Jazwares is planning on having a “buy all” option for future waves. Hopefully that will limit the scalping.

  2. I found the AT-AT and Imperial Shuttle at a Wal-Mart here in Houston that always seems to put stuff out when they get it, rather when it actually releases. Strangely enough, the AT-AT has the blue Series 2 label, but is numbered 0089, putting it right after the shuttle. So keep an eye out at Wal-Mart as they may just suddenly appear.

    • Nice. I have an awesome follower sending me an AT-AT soon. I hope to find the shuttle soon as well.

    • Boxes are already hitting in the western US. I haven’t seen any in the eastern states yet, but they seem to be dropping slowly.

  3. Did both snow troopers come with removable backpacks? My ATAT only had one trooper with a backpack, but they come off so easily, I wonder if the other lost his in transit.

    • I don’t think they’re supposed to come off. I bet the superglue disintegrated in transit or because it got too cold somewhere in storage. I had the same thing with Hunter’s backpack and decided to reglue it.

  4. They need to just release a figure only pack for each wave, or make playsets like the only micro machines. Will eliminate people breaking seals that are looking for a specific figure.

  5. I haven’t seen anybody with the chases for this season, nobody re-selling, and not even pictures of the product or reviews, dose anybody know why? (the royal guard interceptor, and Biggs X wing)

    • Well, at least 1 Royal Interceptor popped up in California. I think the others will hit shortly with series 5. Although, no one has spotted a Biggs, not even overseas. Very strange.

  6. Wasn’t there supposed to be Luke’s Landspeeder? I’m thought I saw a picture at one time, but never seen one anywhere else?

    • Yes. The Landspeeder and Biggs were supposed to come with Series 4, but they haven’t been spotted in the States yet. Only a few popped up online. Jazwares said the Landspeeder will get a battle pack release later on.

  7. Man, what a mixed bag. Finally saw the Light Armor class, at least the Interceptor and A-Wing and while there’s a lot to like, there’s a lot that’s weird.

    Like the Interceptor’s weird cannons. And I was NOT prepared for how tiny the A-Wing was. It being the same. Price as the other Light Armor figures, which were bigger and had more features is weird.

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